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Thursday, 07 May 2015

131. Innovation performance: EU Member States and international competitors compared

European Commission - Fact Sheet Brussels, 07 May 2015 This fact sheet explains the objectives of the Innovation Union Scoreboard and provides an overview of the research and innovation performance of EU Member States and some associated and neighbouring countries, as measured by the Innovation Union Scoreboard 2015. [read more]

132. JRC at Civil Protection Forum: science and new technologies for enhanced disaster risk management - 07 May 2015

The JRC took part at the biennial European Civil Protection Forum, which brings together the European civil protection community to build on the experience in disaster risk management. [read more]

133. LED them in

LEDification is here to stay. What does it mean for consumers, producers, museums, cities and Europe as a whole? Find out the results of our activities in the many sectors involved and why banning of inefficient lamps has been postponed. [read more]

134. Research Headlines - Getting a handle on pharmaceuticals in the environment

Roughly 3 000 pharmaceutical products are used in human healthcare. Since a patient's body does not fully metabolise some of them, they are excreted and can end up in the environment, where they can impact aquatic life, and potentially human beings. EU-funded researchers investigated how much concern is warranted about anticancer drugs and antibiotics. [read more]

135. Symposium on the Crossovers between Culture and Technology

Creativity and critical thinking are essential for innovation in today’s digital world. Within the framework of Mons 2015 European Capital of Culture, the symposium will explore cultural and creative cross-overs to stimulate innovation, economic sustainability and social inclusion. [read more]

136. Trending science: 3-D printed throat implants save the lives of three infants

Biodegradable 3-D printed splints developed through a technique called laser sintering saved the lives of three newborn boys suffering from tracheobronchomalacia. [read more]

137. Unleash innovation to spur growth in Europe

European Commission - Press release Brussels, 07 May 2015 Improving Europe's capacity to innovate and be globally competitive requires further efforts to encourage disruptive ideas and foster their commercial up-take. These are some of the conclusions to be drawn from the latest ranking of innovation performance across Europe. [read more]

138. Unleashing the force of fusion energy

A research consortium spanning 20 European countries is giving a boost to fusion research in Europe. Learn more about the work of COST Action MP1208 towards unlimited, clean and affordable energy. [read more]

Wednesday, 06 May 2015

139. 2nd International Conference on Internet Science - 27-29 May 2015, Brussels, Belgium

The 2nd International Conference on Internet Science organized under the aegis of the European Commission, by the EINS project, the FP7 European Network of Excellence in Internet Science, will be held from May 27 to 29, 2015 at Flagey in Brussels, Belgium. Following the 1st edition, this highly multidisciplinary three-day conference on Internet Science, societies, governance and innovation, will allow to foster dialogue among scholars and practitioners belonging to various disciplines: Computer Science, Sociology, Art, Mathematics, Physics, Complex systems analysis, Psychology, Economics, Law, Political Science, Epistemology, etc. The event will include: • An open day (May 27) for anyone interested in Internet Science to have an opportunity to interact with the EINS community, and to discuss the Internet Science challenges of today and tomorrow; • A scientific conference (May 28-29) where researchers from various disciplines will present papers shedding light on Internet research, in particular papers crossing rigid disciplines boundaries, describing original research and innovative ideas. [read more]

140. Breathing new life into the fight against tuberculosis

Spanish biomedical experts are participating in a potentially ground-breaking project to find a vaccine to tuberculosis, thanks to EU funding. [read more]

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