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Friday, 26 September 2014

121. Research Headlines - Finding out how solar flares affect life on Earth

Solar flares can strongly influence life on Earth-causing power outages, disrupting radio communication and airplane navigation, and posing potential threats to astronauts and spacecraft. The European Union (EU)-funded project HESPE has developed advanced techniques to better understand these cosmic events in order to anticipate their effects. [read more]

122. TRIMM project final conference - 23-24 October 2014, Brussels, Belgium

Register now for the Tomorrow's Road and Infrastructure Monitoring and Management (TRIMM) final conference at the Diamant Centre in Brussels, Belgium. TRIMM is a three-year EU 7th Framework Programme coming to an end in November 2014. This meeting is being organised in conjunction with the European Road Profile User's Group (ERPUG), whose objectives fit very well with the TRIMM project. The conference will be composed of a mix of presentations from TRIMM and ERPUG. ERPUG will also organise an exhibition and a get-together event including dinner to facilitate networking amongst researchers, manufacturers, companies and stakeholders. [read more]

123. World Economic Forum sees SMEs as drivers for Innovation in Europe

Published on: 26-September-2014 A new World Economic Forum report envisions the most effective ways to improve conditions for innovation-driven entrepreneurship across Europe. It addresses the lackof (...) [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

124. “To run our development project under Eurostars was the right decision”

Published on: 26-September-2014 ASM-GridSim is a Eurostars project, a collaboration between a Swiss SME and an Austrian research institute. Christian Rohrer, Regatron AG, Senior Expert Engineer and pr (...) [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

Thursday, 25 September 2014

125. Co-producing knowledge: towards sustainable lifestyles and green economy in Europe - 19 November 2014, Brussels

We would like to invite you to support the research on obstacles and prospects for lifestyle change and transition to a sustainable economy in Europe, by participating to a workshop on "Co-producing knowledge for supporting transitions to sustainable lifestyles and a green economy in Europe" which intends to establish an active dialogue and interface between research and policy on these issues. For registration, please send you name, surname, organisation, address, phone and email to For more information about GLAMURS: Ricardo Garcia Mira, Coordinator (University of A Coruña) and Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero, Project Officer (European Commission, DG RTD). [read more]

126. Europe’s top young scientists feted at awards ceremony

25/09/2014 00:00:00 A competition where Europe’s most promising young scientists presented their research projects to an international panel concluded this week at a glittering awards ceremony in Warsaw. ... [read more]

127. Eurostars 4814 NILE

Water-saving irrigation tech refreshes Europe's driest regions Finding ways to cut back on irrigation water as dry regions of Europe put more demand on the land is a pressing problem. A European network of Austrian, German and Portuguese researchers has found the solution. [read more]

128. Events - Urban Futures: Squaring Circles: Europe, China and the World in 2050 - 10-11 October 2014, Lisbon

The event focuses on the need to imagine a sustainable future for cities – exploring advances in long-term thinking for sustainability, futures studies and strategic planning. The conference is organised around: 2 core themes: ‘Scenarios for Cities of the Future’; ‘People and Societies in Future Cities’ 4 thematic threads: Forward Thinking Methods; Governance in Future Cities; Future of Resources; Future of Urban Systems. The event is organised as part of URBACHINA FP7 project, and in collaboration with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The conference abstracts and proceedings can downloaded at this link: http://www.ufsc2050. [read more]

129. Research Headlines - A global research project to curb parasites in farm animals

Parasites such as nematodes and mastitis can cause serious health and welfare problems to both sheep and goat production. As resistance to current drug treatments increases, there is a strong need to develop new methods to rectify the situation. [read more]

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

130. EU Contest for Young Scientists - Europe's top young scientists chosen in Warsaw. EUCYS Winners announced.

Finally, the wait was over. For the past week, the University of Warsaw library had been packed with promising young scientists. 110 researchers aged 14 to 20 presented their projects during an intense competition, in the hope of impressing an international jury. They were competing for honours in the 26th annual European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS), which concluded with the awards ceremony. [read more]

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