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• Better use of Antibiotics • Breaking the optical transmission barriers
• Materials for clean air • Collaborative Spectrum Sharing • Food scanner

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

121. HiPEAC Vision advocates disruptive change in computing systems research

• Technology scaling slows down for storage, computation and communication • Consumers are increasingly worried about the societal impact of recent innovations • We need disruptive solutions for the challenges of efficiency, dependability and complexity to continue the further growth of information technology [read more]

122. Innovation is about starts: when ICT and ART Connect

The ICT ART CNECT study reveals new evidence for the integration of the Arts as an essential and fruitful component within research and innovation in ICT. The underlying aim of this study is to contribute to enhancing creativity and innovation in society, technology, science and education. [read more]

123. LIPSE sets the bar for social innovation with two new reports

Two reports on social innovation trends and possible improvements have just been released by the EU-funded LIPSE project. [read more]

124. Public consultation: give your feedback on the achievements of FP7

Contribute to the European Commission’s public consultation on the achievements of FP7. [read more]

125. Research Data Made Simple

Enabling European researchers and practitioners from any research discipline to preserve, find, access, and process data in a trusted environment. EUDAT offers a complete set of research data services, expertise and technology solutions to all European scientists and researchers. These shared services and storage resources are distributed across 15 European nations and data is stored alongside some of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers. [read more]

126. RoCKIn Competition 2015

The second RoCKIN robotic competition will take place in Lisbon during the European Robotics Week. All teams interested to participate in RoCKIn Competition 2015 should declare first their intention to participate (until 31 May 2015) [read more]

127. Success Stories - Watching for bubbles: storing CO2 at sea

Is it possible to safely dispose of excess CO2 by storing it deep in the seabed? And what would be the effect on the ecosystem if this practice was widely used? A European research project carrying out tests in the North Sea and the Mediterranean is seeking to answer these questions. [read more]

128. TACMON2 – A vision for the future

The main innovation of TACMON2 is the conceptual utilization of designs and technologies enabling batch production of the tactile matrix with multiple actuators. [read more]

Monday, 09 March 2015

129. Connecting the Internet of Things to the marketplace

Researchers with the BUTLER project have built a platform to encourage expert cooperation and make the Internet of Things an everyday reality. [read more]

130. EURDEP - 20 years of radiation monitoring data exchange in Europe - 09 Mar 2015

The JRC's European radiological data exchange platform (EURDEP) makes radiological monitoring data widely available from most European countries in nearly real-time. This year, the tool celebrates 20 years of service, and features new developments. A new feature allows interactive maps to be produced, displaying public EURDEP data in a simple, intuitive and attractive way. [read more]

Items 121-130 of 198 – Page: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20