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Thursday, 12 February 2015

101. Trending science: The robot-run hotel

A hotel in Nagasaki, Japan with a staff of 10 human-like robots will launch this summer. [read more]

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

102. Call for Exhibition - ICT 2015 Innovate Connect Transform

Ready to showcase the results of your innovative project? Eager to connect with other ICT researchers? Prepared to share your digital transformation? Submit your proposal for displaying your project/company at the ICT 2015 Exhibition! [read more]

103. Can we learn to predict the political actions of citizens?

Political engagement – and the reasons why some citizens go to the ballot box while others take to the street – is the subject of POLPART, a new five–year research project led by Bert Klandermans, Professor of Applied Social Psychology at the VU-University, Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The project received an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) and was launched in January 2014. It will blossom from the seed of one simple but potent idea: that sooner or later, everyone cares about something enough to become politically active. [read more]

104. Conference in french : Quantum mechanics : historical development, interpretations by Franck LALOE

Franck LALOE is emeritus research director of the Kastler Brossel Laboratory at the Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), Paris, France [read more]

105. EUDAT teams up with PRACE to support science

PRACE and EUDAT both understand that the digital era offers new challenges and opportunities, requiring high-end HPC and Data Services for European researchers. Launched on 9 Feb, the 11th PRACE Call for Proposals for Project Access includes a pilot with EUDAT offering the possibility to couple EUDAT storage capacity to PRACE HPC resources. [read more]

106. New 'BigDataEurope' project develops a platform to facilitate big data usage and empower communities with data technologies

To raise awareness of the importance and to push the use of data technologies, 12 European partners, led by Fraunhofer IAIS, are creating a platform which integrates crucial Big Data technologies tailored to the needs of stakeholders in Health, Food, Energy, Transport, Climate, Social Sciences and Security. To mark the launch of the project, all project partners invite interested stakeholders as well as journalists to participate in the public launch event, on 27 Feb. 2015, in Brussels. [read more]

107. Research Headlines - Smart seat and seatbelt to help sleepy drivers stay alert

EU-funded researchers have developed a driver's seat and seatbelt from smart textiles that measure heart and breathing rates. Detecting if drivers are showing signs of fatigue behind the wheel and somehow alerting them to the fact, the system could prevent thousands of fatalities every year. [read more]

108. Research topics of FET Flagships & Quantum Technology discussed at WEF2015

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Graphene and Quantum technology was discussed. Nobel Prize winner K. Novoselov (and scientist in the Graphene Flagship) was one of the panel members in the following sessions:"Beyond Moore’s Law" and "Global Science Outlook". The Human Brain Project was represented by its coordinator, Prof. Henry Markram, who participated in the following sessions: "The Human Brain: Deconstructing Neuroscience"and "Brain-Based Chips and DNA Hard Drives". [read more]

109. State-of-the-art HiPIMS technology in plastic injection moulds

IK4-TEKNIKER is participating in the European HipIndMould Project, which is seeking to bring about the industrial use of the latest technological advances in the coating of plastic injection moulds. [read more]

110. Strengthening food safety cooperation in Europe

An upcoming conference on food safety hopes to build upon the high levels of cross-border cooperation achieved by the EU-funded FOODSEG project. [read more]

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