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Monday, 13 July 2015

101. Aviation: certifying third country operators to cut red tape and boost air safety

Today (2nd July), the Commission and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued the first single air safety authorisations to 22 third country operators. These certifications will be valid throughout the EU. [read more]

102. BMW to launch combined LED streetlight and EV charging station

BMW Group demonstrated the company’s new combined LED streetlight and electric vehicle charging station for the first time in the UK and the “Light & Charge” system is set to be launched this year. [read more]

103. CORDIS Express: Researchers take on dementia

This week’s edition of CORDIS Express presents EU-funded projects focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dementia. [read more]

105. Events - The West and the Global Shift of Power: Transatlantic Relations and Global Governance - 13 July 2015, Washington

The TRANSWORLD's final conference will tackle how to rethink transatlantic relations in the multipolar era characterised by emerging powers and growing interconnectedness – a situation in which transatlantic relations appear to have lost their bearings. Predictions that the decades-old alliance between America and Europe would fade away after the Cold War have not materialised, yet the West seems less cohesive than in the past. Is the transatlantic relationship experiencing a slow but inexorable structural drift? Or is the enduring partnership still in the process of adjusting to a changed world? The conference will also address the challenges to transatlantic cooperation in shaping global governance. [read more]

106. Implementing ICT innovation vouchers to foster innovation and boost business development for SMEs - Open Days 2015

In the framework of the Open Days 2015, DG Connect is organising a workshop on ICT innovation vouchers. One year after the pilots presentations, time has come to dive deep into the experiences, successes and difficulties faced by the regions in implementing ICT innovation vouchers scheme. Join us and learn from others! [read more]

107. LLLight’in’Europe: Lifelong Learning, Innovation, Growth and Human Capital Tracks in Europe - Final Results Conference - 22 September 2015, Residence Palace - International Press Center, Brussels

During the conference main findings from the project’s research efforts on lifelong learning, innovation and human capital will be illustrated and discussed. LLLight has: - established the skill of Complex Problem Solving (CPS) as a key driver to innovativeness and entrepreneurship; - established how CPS can be measured in a practical and efficient way; - developed training methods for developing CPS skills, also for adults and late-career professionals; - showed that the return to skills is on average 17% in Europe for every level of proficiency achieved; - created a ranking of skills performance for 200 regions of Europe; - demonstrated how skills performance can be fostered through strategic HR in companies; - analyzed the success factors for effective policy formation for lifelong learning public action. [read more]

108. Paving the path from increased trust to more powerful cloud applications

Andreas Herrolz, coordinator of the TRESSCA project, explains how the consortium’s work will help build trust between cloud users and service providers. [read more]

109. Press Centre - First loan under InnovFin Infectious Diseases provides €10 million to improve HIV monitoring

A breakthrough HIV testing device that could be a major help in the battle against HIV/AIDS will be further developed and brought closer to widespread use thanks to an EU loan of €10 million from the new InnovFin Infectious Diseases instrument. [read more]

110. Success Stories - Home-grown rubber to keep tyres turning

EU-funded research has shown that natural rubber from home-grown dandelions and guayule could be used for tyres. Researchers and industry are now working together to scale up production - paving the way for Europe to reduce its dependence on rubber imports and to boost competitiveness. [read more]

Items 101-110 of 110 – Page: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11