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Monday, 06 October 2014

91. Research Headlines - Working towards more accurate forecasts of future climates

Climate modelling is fundamental to predicting, or estimating, future trends in our planetary environment. Yet it is a science based on observations, assumptions about likely effects, and with many potential uncertainties. Reducing the number of uncertainties improves the accuracy and capability of climate models - which was the goal of the European Union (EU)-funded research project COMBINE. [read more]

92. The future of Europe is science – conference - 06 Oct 2014

The "Future of Europe is science" conference, co-hosted by the JRC, takes place today and tomorrow in Lisbon. It gathers some 400 actors from the world of science, industry and society, aiming at taking stock of European achievements in science over the past 10 years. World-class scientists, industrialists and political figures also debate the role science, technology and innovation can play in societal well-being and its potential to stimulate growth, jobs and business development opportunities for Europe. [read more]

Friday, 03 October 2014

93. Events - European Biofuels Technology Platform - 6th Stakeholder Plenary Meeting - 14-15 October 2014, Brussels, Belgium

The EBTP 6th Stakeholder Plenary Meeting (SMP6) - Biofuels for Low Carbon Transport and Energy Security - will take place at the Diamant Conference Centre, Brussels, on 14-15 October 2014. The meeting will start around midday on the 14th and conclude in the early afternoon on the 15th, with the aim of maximizing opportunities for networking and discussion. The SPM6 Speaker Programme can be found on the website. Entrance to SPM6 is free for all European biofuels stakeholders from industry, academia, research organisations, common interest groups or other associations with an interest in biofuels production and use. [read more]

94. Events - Third Bioeconomy Stakeholders conference - 8-9 October 2014, Turin, Italy

Between 8 and 9 October, Turin will be the capital of the ‘Bioeconomy’. During these two days, the Italian city hosts the third EU Bioeconomy Stakeholders Conference “From sectors to system, from concept to reality”. The conference will gather experts and a wide range of stakeholders from industry and academia, as well as end-users to discuss closing the industrial research-market gap and how to maximise the knowledge-based potential of Europe’s regions in the bioeconomy. The opening session of the Conference on 8th October will be addressed by Stefania Giannini, Italian Minister for Education, Universities and Research, and Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation. [read more]

95. Gearing up for research and innovation funds in new EU countries - 03 Oct 2014

The Stairway to Excellence (S2E) project, launched today, will help new Member States optimise usage of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) and Horizon 2020 for research, development and innovation. [read more]

96. Research Headlines - Spreading the word about EU-funded health research

Health is an area of research where people's hopes and concerns are often deeply personal. Many of us have strong reasons to care. The EU backs teams across Europe that are looking for new and better ways to treat disease and keep us healthy. It also encourages researchers to keep the public informed of their progress by bringing in specialised communication expertise. [read more]

97. September/October issue of the JRC newsletter - 03 Oct 2014

The most recent edition of the JRC newsletter has been published. It compiles a selection of our most recent research results and can be downloaded here. [read more]

98. Speech - An innovative partnership – EU-US research cooperation

European Commission [Check Against Delivery] Máire GEOGHEGAN-QUINN European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science Speech - Presentation of the Transatlantic Leadership Awards Washington, 2 October 2014 First of all, my thanks to you, Madame Grapin, for your kind remarks. [read more]

99. Tracing our ancestors at the bottom of the sea

New European Marine Board report recommends exploration of sea-submerged settlements abandoned by our ancestors. [read more]

Thursday, 02 October 2014

100. Czech Republic and Switzerland launch joint EUREKA call for projects

Published on: 02-October-2014 Participants from Czech Republic and Switzerland are invited to submit joint project proposals for collaborative industry-led R&D projects aimed at creating new pro (...) [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

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