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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

11. Smart fish put stock monitoring practices into question

Almost 70 % of marine fish stock are fully or over-exploited according to the UN’s Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Or could it be just a trick played by clever fish? While industrial overexploitation is indeed a worrying issue, a study carried out by EU scientists on the coasts of Mallorca, which focused on recreational fishing in the area, raises some doubts about the accuracy of current monitoring tools. [read more]

12. Tackling the fastest and most powerful computing systems on the planet- ParaPhrase Project

A world-leading team of academic researchers and industrial experts from across Europe are celebrating the conclusion of a four year research collaboration tackling the challenges posed by the fastest and most powerful computing systems on the planet. The ParaPhrase project with around €4.2M total cost, from which over €3M comes from EU ICT FP7 fund, brought together academic and industrial experts from across Europe to improve the programmability and performance of modern parallel computing technologies. [read more]

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

13. EU researchers form world’s largest consortium of expertise and infrastructure for polar research

EU-POLARNET is among a range of recently launched Horizon 2020 projects focusing on Atlantic Ocean research. [read more]

14. EU scientists set to catch next wave in renewable energy

EU-funded researchers with the CEFOW project are about to put cutting edge wave power technology to the test in real ocean conditions. [read more]

15. Global action to cut emissions is compatible with robust economic growth - 21 May 2015

A new report co-authored by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and Directorate-General for Climate Action explores possible domestic mitigation pathways (cuts in C02 and other greenhouse gas emissions) set according to specific national economic and policy conditions. [read more]

16. New smart specialisation platform on energy supports EU regions to develop low-carbon solutions - 26 May 2015

On 26 May the European Commission launched the European smart specialisation platform on energy, which will support regions and Member States in using Cohesion Policy funding more effectively for promoting sustainable energy. [read more]

17. Research Headlines - Important new model for car safety

The EU-funded ADSEAT project has developed the world's first virtual crash test dummy of an average female. The computational model is to be used in virtual testing of vehicle seat safety performance. [read more]

18. Speeding up prototyping and Big Data app development

Scientists and engineers participating in MIKELANGELO aim to improve the virtual infrastructure stack, continuously testing and validating their progress with use cases – lightweight aircraft design, use in medicine (implant production) and deployment of big data technology. Ensuring a high quality of big data applications is also the focal point of the DICE project, within which an integrated development environment to design new big data applications is being developed. [read more]

19. Visegrad 4 for Secure Data - Contribution of V4 to H2020 R&I effort in data security - 28 May 2015, Brussels, Belgium

A digital environment - with the possibility of massive data exchange and processing - is expected in all fields that should define the scope of activities in the forthcoming two-year programming period of Horizon 2020. In parallel, the V4 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia ) have issued a common position for a Digital Single Market based on digital economy and cyber security. If the V4 countries want to deal with these challenges then they need to support the research and innovation activities in this area as well as improve the business environment. The following topics will be discussed by our distinguished speakers: • Releasing the potential of cloud computing in Europe - building the secure environment for big and small partners • User friendly and easy cyber security solutions for citizens and SMEs • Data driven economy in V4 and their contribution to European activities The conference will be held at premises of the Permanent Representation of the Slovak Republic to the EU, Avenue de Cortenbergh 79, 1000 Brussels Belgium. [read more]

Monday, 25 May 2015

20. Safe, affordable technology opens the way to automated transport

Antonio Casimiro, coordinator of the KARYON project for the University of Lisbon, talks about the project outcomes and what will come next. [read more]

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