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Thursday, 23 April 2015

11. Success Stories - Elastic road surface reduces motorway noise pollution

Noise pollution is still an issue on Europe's roads. But thanks to technological advances, it's less down to the sound of the car's engine and more about how tyres touch the road surface. One solution is being tested in Denmark where part of the road has been covered with experimental surface material that dampens the tyre noise. [read more]

12. World Malaria Day special: DiscoGnosis creates new tool to diagnose malaria in one hour!

Great news to be shared with the occasion of the World Malaria Day! The new ‘lab-on-a-disc’ technology developed by EU Funded project named DiscoGnosis can diagnose malaria and also other febrile infectious diseases simultaneously in just an hour – allowing faster point-of-care treatment and precise drugs administration that could save thousands of lives. [read more]

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

13. A taxing issue: understanding citizen attitudes to state institutions

Careful, considered government communication might actually help increase tax revenue and thus improve public services, say EU-funded researchers. [read more]

14. COST sets up Scientific Committee

COST has established a Scientific Committee at the heart of its new scientific organisation and evaluation and selection procedure. It is composed of independent, high-level experts proposed by the COST Member Countries and Cooperating State and appointed by the Committee of Senior Officials (CSO). The Scientific Committee held its first meeting on 14 April 2015 at the COST Association premises in Brussels. [read more]

15. ENATRANS project launch - Enabling nanomedicine solutions for healthcare by supporting translation from lab to bedside

The European Technology Platform for nanomedicine (ETPN) announces today the launch of ENATRANS (Enabling NAnomedicine TRANSlation), a Coordination and Support Action under Horizon 2020 aiming at supporting nanomedicine solutions with a real benefit for patients to reach the bedside. [read more]

16. Earth Day marks 25th anniversary - 22 Apr 2015

The Earth Day, celebrated on 22 April since 1970, is marked around the globe with initiatives and events on environmental protection. This week the JRC presents its work on soil, which is critical to life on Earth. [read more]

17. From text to virtual world: the MUSE promise

Some readers would tell you that the best texts or books are those which can provide the most immersive experience. The MUSE project is taking this idea to a whole other level by developing a translation system capable of converting texts into 3D virtual worlds. [read more]

18. INNO INDIGO partnership programme: Five India-Europe research projects in the field of “Clean water and health” selected for funding

Through the INNO INDIGO Partnership Programme first joint call on “Clean water and health” which was announced in July 2014, 5 collaborative research projects with the participation of teams from Europe and India will be funded. [read more]

19. Research Headlines - Scrutinising snow and ice from space

The melt rate of Europe's snowy peaks and glacial lakes can have a huge impact on both daily activities and planning in many countries. EU-funded researchers have developed applications that use satellite data to tell them just that, in close to real time. [read more]

20. Study on the changing role of Intellectual Property in the semiconductor industry – including non-practicing entities

A study has been carried out for the European Commission on the changing role of Intellectual Property (IP) in the semiconductor industry. The study builds on the results of a limited series of interviews and the response to a questionnaire distributed amongst a wider group of actors in the value chain. The analysis confirms that IP is very important within the value chain. [read more]

Items 11-20 of 134 – Page: 1  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14