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Friday, 27 May 2016

1. 6 reasons why it is important to participate in the ITEA Project Outline Preparation Days 2016

On 13 September, ITEA 3 Call 3 will open in conjunction with the ITEA Project Outline (PO) Preparation Days in Paris on 13 and 14 September 2016. [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

2. Conference "Future of the Forest" - 2 June 2016, Brussels

The Czech Liaison Office for Research, Development and Innovation is holding a conference on "FUTURE of the FOREST" on 2 June 2016 in Brussels. Forest and forestry sector face many challenges. Climate variability, both naturally caused and anthropogenic, as well as modern land-use practices and stressors and industry demands create novel conditions never before experienced by ecosystems and relevant stakeholders. The Horizon 2020 programme tackles aspects of need for sustainable management, more resilient and resource efficient value chains, emerging diseases and integrated pest management. The discussions among stakeholders and representatives from different EU institutions raise comments and challenges on how to set future management including role of research, short-term and long-term strategies, that focus on enhancing ecosystem resistance and resilience as well as assisting forest and forestry sector to adapt to the changes as climates and environments continue to shift. The event is free of charge and registration is required. [read more]

3. Consortium Building Event & Thematic H2020 Workshop for SC2 themes - 1 June 2016, Brussels

The Czech Liaison Office for Research, Development and Innovation in association with Harper Adams University (UK) is holding a Consortium Building Event & Thematic H2020 Workshop for selected preliminary themes of the Societal Challenge Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy on 1 June 2016 in Brussels. The thematic Horizon 2020 Workshop provides possibility for concrete discussion among stakeholders. Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research and innovation investment and taking great ideas from the lab to the market is the key challenge. [read more]

4. European Science Foundation presents 40 year archive to the Historical Archives of the European Union

The 40-year archive of the European Science Foundation (ESF) has been officially presented to the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) in Florence, Italy. The presentation of the archive marks a new era for ESF as it continues its evolution into a dedicated research support... [read more]

5. Research Headlines - Amputees to benefit from advanced prosthetics control

A breakthrough in prosthetics technology by EU-funded researchers will provide amputees with clinically and commercially viable artificial limbs offering intuitive, proportional and simultaneous control of hand, wrist and elbow movements in the near future. [read more]

6. UK Research Office (UKRO) Annual Conference 2016 - 30 June - 1 July 2016, Glasgow, Scotland

Each year the UK Research Office (UKRO) organises a two-day Annual Conference aimed primarily at European Liaison Officers, European research managers, Research Councils and policy makers. The 2016 edition of the UK Research Office (UKRO) Annual Conference will take place at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) in Glasgow, Scotland on Thursday 30 June and Friday 1 July 2016. The focus of the Conference will be on the current hot topics concerning EU research and innovation funding. In particular, a reflection on the first two and a half years of Horizon 2020, implementation, upcoming opportunities and policy developments, as well as a forward look to include the continued integration of innovation. [read more]

7. V4 for researchers´ mobility: supporting young researchers on the way to excellence - 14 June 2016, Brussels

V4 for researchers' mobility: supporting young researchers on the way to excellence is a jointly organised event by CZELO (Czech Liaison Office for Research, Development and Innovation), Permanent Representation of Hungary to the EU, PolSCA (Polish Science Contact Agency) and SLORD (Slovak Liaison Office for Research and Development). The first part of the programme will be dedicated to European mobility schemes, as well as to national mobility initiatives presented by officials from the EC and national authorities representatives from the countries of the so called Visegrad Group (CZ, HU, PL, SK). [read more]

Thursday, 26 May 2016

9. Exploitation strategies for Bioeconomy Research proposals - 7 June 2016, Brussels

Be part of this conference and learn how to make the most of your bioeconomy R&I results. The conference will give you insights on how to improve the exploitation aspects of a research project proposal to fully exploit all of the opportunities brought by its results. Funding opportunities and consortium building will also be addressed. Why participate? To have the opportunity to practice setting up a proposal with other researchers in a neutral setting. Develop a proposal idea together with other researchers allowing you to practice implementing exploitation strategy and putting together a consortium for the creation of competitive proposals. [read more]

Items 1-10 of 93 – Page: 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10