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Special features

Special features are pages created on a topic for an occasion such as a 'world day' or when there is a hot topic in the news. They are displayed via the home page when first created then listed here for future reference.

  • 16 October 2017
    World Food Day 2017: EU Research and the Bioeconomy
    Where does the EU come into the picture? To mark World Food Day 2014, here is a quick look at some EU-funded research in the field of food, agriculture and the bioeconomy.
  • 3 March 2016
    UN World Wildlife Day 2016
    The United Nations has designated 3 March as World Wildlife Day.
  • 4 February 2016
    World Cancer Day 2016: EU Research to Fight Cancer
    Cancer is likely to remain one of the biggest killers of the 21st century. Cancer now accounts for a quarter of all deaths and is the number one cause of death for people aged 45-64 in an increasing number of Member States overtaking cardiovascular disease. Under Horizon 2020 (2014–2020) – the current EU framework programme for research and innovation – financial support is being provided. So far 272 projects have been funded for EUR 415 million. So what is the EU doing to fight it?
  • 6 October 2015
    UN World Habitat Day 2015
    The United Nations has designated the first Monday of October of every year as World Habitat Day.
  • 16 September 2015
    International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer 2015
    Find out about the large coordinated research effort via the European Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development.
  • 24 March 2015
    World Tuberculosis Day 2015: EU Research to Fight Tuberculosis
    Approximately one third of the world's population is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis and 10% of these will develop TB during their lifetime. In the European Union, over 60 000 people a year contract TB. Find out how the EU is helping fight this disease.