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Understanding and Tackling the Migration Challenge: The Role of Research
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The Knowledge Future: Intelligent policy choices
for Europe 2050

Publication cover What will Europe’s knowledge system look like in 2050? A group of experts explore future scenarios for Europe’s research, innovation and higher education policies and institutions and outline some key elements for future policies .

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Seal of Excellence

What it is, who can benefit, how to use it

The ‘Seal of Excellence’ certificate will be awarded to the applicants of above threshold not funded proposals: a holder of the certificate can then approach alternative funding sources (regional, national, private or public) and present the certificate as a label of a high-quality project proposal.

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Horizon 2020

Open to the world! : how to participate?

Horizon 2020 is the biggest multinational research programme in the world. It funds research in all areas of science and innovation. It is open to any natural persons or legal entities (e.g. any company, research organisation, university, non-governmental organisation, etc.) regardless of their place of residence or establishment.


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