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EU website on energy research re-launched for you!
First-hand information on all funding opportunities

Brussels, 18th March 2010

We have re-launched our energy research website for you. You may be surprised to find out that, with 15,000 hits a month on average, the European energy research page is already one of the most successful websites in the field. If you were used to our previous website, you will be astonished to discover a more public-oriented and user-friendly structure, fully updated with the most accurate information, plus a portal to listen to your comments and ideas on nuclear research in Europe.

For newcomers, exploring our new website is as easy as never before. Over 200 pages will offer you complete information on all funding opportunities in the field of energy and nuclear energy research at EU level. Our completely updated visual content, including videos, animations, interviews and clips, and a  comprehensive publication search tool,  together with a concise description of the policy framework will guide you fast and efficiently through the European panorama on  energy research.

All energy research activities are presented in an easy and understandable way, including access to information on more than 400 EU-funded energy research projects. Stay connected to our daily updated calendar, news and events for the latest developments.
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