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Greening air transport: “Clean Sky” Joint Technology Initiative launches a €25 million first call for proposals for research on cleaner air transport

Brussels, 16 June 2009

A new generation of greener, quieter and more efficient aircraft moved a step closer last night, when the Clean Sky initiative launched a call for proposals for aeronautical R&D for a total value of over €25 million. Clean Sky is a first-of-its-kind EU wide collaborative private-public partnership, including the participation of SMEs, universities and research centres as well as of leading aeronautics manufacturers. This call is the first in what will be one of Europe’s biggest ever research projects, with €1.6 billion to be invested up to 2014.

“The new step taken today by Clean Sky highlights the joint commitment of the European Commission and the European air transport industry to develop breakthrough technologies to significantly reduce the impact of air transport on the environment and strengthen the competitiveness of this vital sector for Europe's economy,” stated EU Commissioner for Research Janez Potočnik.

Through the Clean Sky initiative the European Commission and the EU air transport industry have joined forces to resolutely address the challenges of air pollution, noise and climate change. Clean Sky's objective is to demonstrate and validate the technology breakthroughs needed to reach Europe's key environmental goals for air transport for 2020: these are 50% reduction of CO2 emissions through drastic reduction of fuel consumption; 80% reduction of NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions; and 50% reduction of external noise.

Clean Sky's first Call for Proposals, published last night, covers 72 individual research topics in 5 major areas: Green Regional Aircraft, Green Rotorcraft, Sustainable and Green Engines, SMART Fixed Wing Air, Systems for Green Operations, with the key objective of focusing on the development of the full scale demonstrators while enlisting technical capabilities of additional partners.

The combined budget of all work topics in this call is €35.4 million, with maximum funding to a level of €25.6 million. Depending on the nature of the participant, the funding will be between 50% and 75% of the topic's maximum budget.


Clean Sky is one of Europe’s largest research programmes, with a budget of €1.6 billion. It represents a joint commitment from the European Union and aeronautics industry to make air travel more sustainable, by encouraging the aeronautics manufacturers to develop and produce greener products. Clean Sky current membership incorporates 120 organisations from 16 countries, 86 industrial partners, including 20 SMEs, 15 research centres and 17 universities

Representing approximately 2.5% of EU GDP, air transport directly and indirectly accounts for over 3 million jobs, and contributes in excess of €30bn to a positive trade balance for Europe. Based on projected growth over the next twenty years, air transport could contribute an additional 1.8% of GDP to the EU (equivalent to €200bn per year). Although today air transport only produces 2% of man-made CO2 emissions, speeding up and bringing to market new, greener design and technologies is essential to protect our environment.

Call Applications

Companies and research bodies interested in working with Clean Sky can consult the detailed description of work topics, to determine which suit best their technical capabilities. Interested parties can bid to be chosen partner for a given work topic by submitting an on-line proposal through the European Commission's electronic proposal submission system (Call Identifier SP1-JTI-CLEAN SKY- 2009-1). Detailed descriptions of the work topics and information on how to submit proposals can be found at the following link

The submission deadline for proposals is 31 August 2009 at 17:00 Brussels time.

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