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Brussels, 28 October 2008

US-delegation visit improves collaboration in Energy Research European Commission Director Liberali agrees to support further mutual exchange

The European Commission and the United States are going to deepen their collaboration in low carbon energy technologies. The director for energy in the Directorate General for Research, Raffaele Liberali, agreed with the head of a high ranked US-delegation, Vic Der, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy at the Department of Energy to strengthen the cooperation: "We will have more exchange in every field of non nuclear energy research." The meeting was particularly timely in light of the last EU-US Summit on 10 June 2008 which noted the need for all countries, including major economies to take responsibility for addressing the interconnected challenges of climate change, energy security and energy efficiency. Suggested measures which will form part of a new joint action plan are including an enhanced exchange of information, scientists, managers and reviewers as well as more joint workshops on specific agreed subjects. Both sides also noted the potential of twinning of existing projects and the discussion of future joint research projects. On the European Commission side Raffaele Liberali drew attention to the potential for greater US participation in the Seventh Framework Program.

It was also agreed to establish regular bilateral meetings with the aim of coordinating our non-nuclear energy research cooperation with 'common' third countries – in particular China and India. Raffaele Liberali underlined: "The cooperation between the EU and US in the field of non-nuclear energy research is of mutual benefit in assisting both sides to meet the current global energy challenges."

During one week (13-17 October 2008) the high level delegation of US officials and Energy Research Programme managers learned about the European technology programmes on photovoltaics, bioenergy, CO 2 capture and storage and hydrogen and fuel cells. They visited EU funded projects on photovoltaics in Spain, on CO 2 Capture and Storage in Denmark and the Netherlands and the first public hydrogen refuelling station in Belgium. It was the follow-up to an EC visit to the US in June which created a joint roadmap for EC-US cooperation.


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