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Brussels, 13 November 2008

Euradwaste ’08 summaries online
Expert discussions about the implications of geological disposal of radioactive waste

At Euradwaste ’08, a conference organised by the European Commission and held in Luxembourg, over 300 representatives of the research community, radioactive waste management organisations, policy-makers and regulatory authorities discussed the next steps to implement safe geological disposal of radioactive waste. The Seventh EC Conference on the Management and Disposal of Radioactive Waste took place from 20 to 22 October 2008. Summaries of it are now online at .


Euradwaste ’08 was the showcase event to present the results of the Sixth Euratom Framework Programme (FP6, 2002-2006) in the field of radioactive waste management. The safe long-term management of high-level and long-lived radioactive waste, such as spent nuclear fuel and the vitrified residues from reprocessing this fuel, is a major challenge for the nuclear sector. Every year some 280 m³ of high-level vitrified waste and 3600 tonnes of spent nuclear fuel are produced in the EU. Geological disposal means placing this waste in engineered repositories situated deep underground within specific rock formations where the inherent geological conditions will contribute to the long-term isolation and containment of the radionuclides. Potential host rocks include granite, clay and salt formations.


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