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Committee meeting under the EC-Russia Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Science and Technology

Brussels, 28 June 2007

On 28 June 2007, the meeting of Joint European Community – Russian Federation Committee on Cooperation in the Field of Science & Technology was held in Brussels. It was co-chaired by J.M. Silva Rodriguez, Director-General for Research of the European Commission, and A.V. Khlunov, Director of the Department for State Science & Technology and Innovation Policy of the Russian Ministry of Education & Science. The Permanent Representative of Russia to the EU, V. Chizhov, took part in the meeting.

Representatives of the Directorate-General for Research and other Directorates of the European Commission, of the Russian Ministry of Education & Science, the Russian Federal Agency for Science & Innovations, the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and of the joint thematic working groups.

The parties discussed a wide range of issues related to EU-Russian research cooperation, to the implementation of the EU-Russia Agreement on Cooperation in Science & Technology, and to the "road map" for the EU-Russia Common Space of Research and Education including cultural aspects.

The parties positively evaluated the present state of EU-Russia science & technology cooperation and noted that new opportunities and synergies had been created through the launching of new programmes & strategies by each of the two parties, namely Russia’s “Strategy for the Development of Science & Technology up to 2015” and Russia's "Federal Targeted Programme “Research and Development in Priority Areas of Science and Technology in 2007-2012”, the EU's Seventh Framework Programme for Research & Technological Development in 2007-2013 (FP7) and the EU's "Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme in 2007-2013.

The parties noted with satisfaction the strong participation of Russian scientists and research organisations in the EU's Sixth Framework Programme for Research & Technological Development (FP6) - overall, Russia has been the most active participant in FP6 from amongst all third (non-associated) countries. The parties expressed their conviction that this positive trend would continue under FP7.

Amongst others, the two parties discussed the possibility of launching joint initiatives in common priority areas to further promote such kind of cooperation activities.

The EU and Russian representatives unanimously assessed the existing EC-Russia Agreement on Cooperation in Science & Technology as having been an effective tool for developing the EU-Russia research relationship and looked forward to continuing their cooperation on its basis beyond 2009.

The parties agreed to continue their work on reinforcing EU-Russian science and technology cooperation and expanding the scope of collaborative activities in this field. They agreed to hold the next meeting of the Joint EC-Russia Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation in Moscow in 2008.

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