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2nd Monitoring Report of Horizon 2020
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Headline photo Understanding the health benefits of fermented foods

EU-funded researchers have developed an affordable data analysis toolbox for finding and interpreting the genomic sequence of fermented food - the key to better understanding ...

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Photo of a young woman touching an atom
New technology lets scientists see, touch and smell on the nanoscale

The next generation of electronics - in everything from computers to mobile devices - relies on circuits and features at the tiniest of scales. But for scientists and engineers to understand what is happening at the nanoscale, a new generation of microscopes is needed to 'see', 'touch' and 'smell' at scales just a fraction of the size of a human hair.


EU-GREAT! Workshop

14 December 2016, Brussels

Molecular Neurodegeneration

9-14 January 2017, Hinxton, United Kingdom

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