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Last update: 29 October 2020

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Last update: 29 October 2020

III OLEA International Project Networking Event

26-28 May 2020, Jaén, Spain

The University of Jaén is located in the province of Jaén (Spain), which is the main producer of olive oil in the world. For this reason, and in order to foster the joint participation of researchers, SMEs, public administrations, universities and research institutes in R&I project proposals on the olive sector, the UJA International Projects Office (OFIPI) created the so-called OLEA Initiative, which was launched in Brussels in 2017 (OLEA R&I Project Info & Networking Event) and is implemented with the collaboration of the UJA Advanced Research Center in Olive Grove and Olive Oils (CEAOyAO).
Following the success of this first meeting, the UJA hosted a second meeting in 2018 (OLEA R&I Project Development Day) with over 100 participants.
Now we are glad to host a third OLEA International Project Networking Event, which will take place in Jaén at the end of May 2020 during three consecutive days (26th – 28th) in order for all of us to have the chance of sharing our expertise and strengthen our R&I international project cooperation.
Welcome to the University of Jaén!

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