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Last update: 26 February 2020
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KaRMA2020 project presentation at the 2019 Kaohsiung International Invention and Design Expo (KIDE)

6-8 December 2019, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

KaRMA2020 project: ‘Industrial Feather Waste Valorisation for Sustainable KeRatin based Materials’.

KIDE is the first exhibition which combines "Invention", "Design" and "International Conference". The participants from more than 20 countries with more than 500 entries are expected.

According to European Commission, 13.1 million tons of poultry meat was produced only in the European Union (EU-28) in 2014 with an estimated generation of 3.1 million tons feather waste. At present the majority of poultry feathers are converted into low nutritional value animal food or disposed in landfills, causing environmental and health hazards. In this context, the overall objective of KaRMA2020 is the industrial exploitation of such underutilized waste to obtain added value raw materials for the chemical sector: keratin, bioplastics, flame retardant coatings, non-woven and thermoset biobased resins.

KaRMA2020 products will be showcased on the fair and the invention (Patent PL 230434, 2018: Innovative nonwovens with the addition of keratin fibres from feathers produced by the spun-bonded method) will run for an award.

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Mapping Skill Needs & Supply in the Dairy Sector - Results & Recommendations

26-27 November 2019, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

After 117 interviews at dairy plants in 14 European countries, 53 interviews with dairy educational institutions and 65 ex-students, AEDIL is now ready to present Results & Recommendations based on the analysis of this vast amount of data.

We are very pleased to invite you to Leeuwarden, The Netherlands on the 26th of November and the 27th of November to:

  • Hear and see the results from this Erasmus+ project ‘Mapping skills needs and supply in the dairy sector’.
  • Hear the recommendations we wish to give back to the dairy sector based on the analysis of data and inputs from experts.
  • Give your inputs on how best to roll out the recommendations in your country and at a pan-European level.

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ADVANCEFUEL Stakeholder Workshop - RESfuels in decarbonising the transport sector to 2030 and beyond

21 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium

The fourth ADVANCEFUEL (Horizon 2020) Stakeholder Workshop, which will take place on 21 November 2019 in Brussels, will present the latest results of the project about how to overcome the barriers to their market roll-out.
More specifically, the workshop will present strategies and promising scenarios for the further development of RESfuels, which are based on a comprehensive modelling approach taking into account feedstock costs and potential, logistics, technology performance, market demand and sustainability safeguarding. Furthermore, first dedicated policy recommendations will be discussed with the participants in an interactive approach.
The event is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas among the participating experts by combining presentations and structured discussions with the audience.
An additional press briefing will be held.
More information on this is available on our website

Sustainable Food - A systems approach for EU Policy

19 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium

At this event, we will examine the need for a systems approach to EU food policy including the tensions between agro-ecological approaches and advocates of ‘sustainable intensification’, the need for enhanced biodiversity and steady crop yields, new systems for environmental land management and public engagement in this process.
Our wider picture will consider how EU agricultural trade policy and trade governance will need to be reconsidered in order to play a positive role in creating an EU-wide sustainable food system. Our proposed system needs concerted action across governments, an interdisciplinary approach and collaborative policy solutions.
The White Rose Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York have key expertise in the benefits of creating sustainable food systems and this event will present their policy recommendations from a UK and EU perspective. Our expert Panel will hear contributions from Professor Sue Hartley OBE, Director of the University of York Environmental Sustainability Institute and former advisor to the European Food Safety Authority and the European Commission on the ecological effects of genetically modified crops; Professor Peter Jackson, Co-Director of the University of Sheffield Institute for Sustainable Food and chair of the current SAM Expert Working Group for the Evidence Review ‘Towards an EU Sustainable Food System’; and Professor Fiona Smith, in International Economic Law at the University of Leeds and invited expert for the DG SANTE Working Group on EU Food Safety in Nutrition in 2050. The Panel will be chaired by Vice-Chancellor Sir Alan Langlands from the University of Leeds, with an EC response from Dyanne Bennink, acting Head of the Bioeconomy and Food Systems Unit of the Healthy Planet Directorate (tbc).

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[webinar] From biomass to biobased products: #1 Choosing the right feedstock strategy

26 September 2019, Online

Biomass availability is complex to estimate. It is necessary to assess which feedstock is available close by to avoid high transport costs.

The feedstock must also have sufficient quality and specific characteristics to meet the technical requirements of the plant. The cost and sustainability of the chosen biomass are equally crucial.

This webinar, organised as part of the Bio4Products project, will explore all these key aspects drawing from the long-standing experience of three experts in biomass feedstocks.

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