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Last update: 27 April 2017
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38th International Vienna Motor Symposium

27-28 April 2017, Vienna, Austria, Hofburg Conference Centre

Worldwide, the Vienna International Motor Symposium is regarded as a renowned conference in the field of internal combustion engines and drive train technology. For decades, this symposium has been a meeting place of the international world of engine experts. At the 38th Vienna International Motor Symposium, outstanding lecturers from all over the world will present the latest findings in engine development and, amongst other topics, will report on new engines, fuel cells, hybrid technology, exhaust gas treatment and real driving emissions (RDE).

This prestigious symposium will be accompanied by a technical exhibition showcasing the activities and products of more than 50 different companies. Furthermore, participants and accompanying persons will be offered a varied social and cultural programme.

The programme of the 38th Vienna International Motor Symposium is available as from December 12, 2016 and from this date onwards interested persons have also been able to make their paid reservations for this conference.

The participation fees entitle you to participate in the technical programme, including lunch, coffee and snacks during breaks, the conference documents, access to the blocked participants section on the website of the symposium as well as to evening events.

Participation fees 2017:
Registration Fee: € 2.244 – incl. 20% VAT
Registration Fee ÖVK Membership: € 2.160 – incl. 20% VAT


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European Maritime Day 'The Future of our Seas'

18-19 May 2017, Poole, The United Kingdom

The European Maritime Day (EMD) is the annual meeting point for Europe’s community of maritime professionals to come together, exchange knowledge and forge the partnerships needed for joint action. It was created in 2008 by the EU institutions in order to provide a forum for people from different areas of the ocean economy, from the world of science, from public government and administration to showcase their activities, learn from each other, discuss cross-cutting issues and develop joint visions.

The main event of EMD is the" European Maritime Day Conference", held in a different region with a different theme each year. This year, the 2-day conference will take place in Poole with the title "The Future of our Seas". As in previous years, all interested stakeholders are invited to get actively involved in shaping the event. EMD 2017 will focus on four themes: (1) Safety & Security, (2) People & Skills, (3) Innovation & Growth and (4) Sustainability & Governance.

More detailed information will be posted soon: stay tuned!

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MIND SETS project Final Conference, Brussels, 22 and 23 May

22-23 May 2017, Bouche à Oreille Conference Centre - 11, Rue Félix Hap, B-1040 Bruxelles

Come to the final conference of the Horizon 2020 project MIND-SETS, organised together with the Horizon2020 project Mobility4EU: "Towards user-centric transport in Europe. Challenges, solutions and collaborations". The event will look at how to create more user-centric mobility in Europe.

The conference will bring together experts on mobility innovation across all modes to discuss the new challenges and needs for transport in Europe. Keynote speakers will provide the impetus for a discussion with a selection of on-going European projects that are looking into future transport and mobility needs and solutions in Europe.

The event will be held on 22 and 23 May in Brussels at Bouche à Oreille.

Click to see the agenda or get more details about sessions, venue and registration. Admission to the event is free but registration is required and places are limited.

Early birds registration is highly recommended.

What are you waiting for? Do not hesitate and register: you are just one click away!

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ITF’s 2017 Summit on Governance of Transport

31 May - 2 June 2017, Leipzig, Germany

The ITF’s 2017 Summit on Governance of Transport will explore the trends shaping transport governance and identify the most pressing challenges in the transport sector. Through the governance lens, it will focus on infrastructure, global connectivity, the right regulation for innovation, and urban access and mobility.

The Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum is the premier global transport policy event. Since 2008, the Summit brings together ministers from around the world to share policy perspectives with CEOs, heads of international organisations, thought leaders from civil society and academia, and the media. This vibrant conference addresses strategic and topical issues across all transport modes where participants can engage in the debate through a variety of session formats.

The Summit offers a rich programme of inspiring keynote addresses, interactive sessions featuring transport ministers and other ITF stakeholders to debate policy responses to the sector’s challenges. Technical and cultural tours and an exhibition complement this diverse programme of events. The Summit also provides numerous networking opportunities, including bilateral meetings, receptions and a gala dinner. More than 50 exhibitors from around the world showcase the latest initiatives and technological developments. They represent governments, businesses, international organisations, research institutions, NGOs and business associations.

Registrations for the 2017 Summit will open soon: stay tuned!

H2020 Waterborne Research Conference

8 June 2017, Brussels

The European Commission, supported by INEA, is pleased to announce the 'H2020 Waterborne Research Conference', that will be held in Brussels on Thursday 8 June 2017.
This is your opportunity to learn about Horizon 2020 research supporting safe, competitive and sustainable Waterborne transport.

High level key notes will shed light in the policy framework while all Waterborne transport research, supported to date within "Mobility for Growth", will be concisely and clearly explained by the researchers themselves, followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion.

This is your chance to discover the latest developments concerning Waterborne transport research supported by Horizon 2020, expected impacts and how results can be used for policy-making.

What are you waiting for? Participate, meet the researchers, ask questions, discuss and network!

To register, please contact:

We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels!

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Events earlier this year

You are here: Events > 2017 > Transport - General
Last update: 27 April 2017
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1st European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving (CAD), Brussels, 03-04 April 2017 - FOLLOW US ON WEBSTREAM!

3-4 April 2017, Brussels, Belgium, Charlemagne Building, Rue de la Loi 170

Less than one week to the first European conference on CAD: 'Connected and Automated Driving – Together, shaping the future'.

DG RTD and DG MOVE Commissioners will open the event whilst several high-level speakers from national ministries and major road transport stakeholders will share their views.

Follow all the plenary sessions and 3 breakout sessions via Web streaming:

1.    03.04.2017, Morning sessions (3 plenaries and breakout session 'Shared and
       automated mobility services for our cities'), 9:15 – 13:15  

2.    03.04.2017, Afternoon sessions (breakout session 'Big Data, IoT, AI, Deep
       Learning' and 2 plenaries), 4:45 – 17:30

3.    04.04.2017, Morning sessions (5 plenaries), 9:00 – 13:00

4.    04.04.2017, Afternoon sessions (breakout session 'Digital  IT infrastructure and
       connectivity' and 2 plenaries), 14:15 – 16:30

To know more, please stay tuned with CAD web-site

Further information

FP7 STORM FINAL FORUM : All aviation/icing research actors in EU (& beyond) to take stock & prepare

29-30 March 2017, Brussels, Belgium

The FP7 STORM project will organise its final public workshop to present and discuss challenges and innovative solutions in simulation and technologies for icing conditions.

The event will be hosted by the European Commission and the scope will be enlarged over two days public session. STORM partners will present the latest progress of the research in the domains of ice release mechanisms understanding and prediction, ice accretion within the engine environment and innovative Ice Protection Systems (IPS).

International collaboration in Aviation Icing research & innovation will be outlined with the participation of speakers from CLEANSKY2 JU, FAA, JAXA, NASA, TsAGI, Airbus.

This is unique opportunity to gather icing community and engage all aviation/icing research actors in EU (& beyond) to take stock & prepare for future programs.

Further information

4th UNI-SET Energy Clustering Event (27-28/03/2017) will focus on sustainable transport and CCSU

27-28 March 2017, London, United Kingdom

The event intends to stimulate discussion among university leaders on the development of innovative and multidisciplinary research and education programmes. The conference will also offer specific opportunities for “clustering” knowledge, in which research and education leaders from different disciplines will present their views on the specific priorities of the SET-Plan.

The event is the fourth of the series of six events aiming to mobilise Europe’s university community in the field of energy. It carries forward the activities outlined in the “Roadmap for European Universities in Energy” published in December 2016.

Through the event, participants will also have the opportunity to engage in discussions on the development of thematic dossiers and recommendations from the university community on ways forward in the different SET-Plan, with a particular view on R&I actions and higher education activities.

EUA and the UNI-SET consortium have launched a Call for Contributions welcoming proposals for contributions for parallel sessions in form of good practices from university projects and initiatives (download the Call for Contributions on the event`s website. Deadline for submissions is 31 January 2017). The ECE themes are based on the priorities of the SET-Plan. For any enquiries please contact

Further information

Shipping 2030 Europe: "Technology for Today, Ideas for the Future"

22-23 March 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark, Radisson Blu Scandinavian Hotel

Shipping2030 is a different kind of event, designed to provide the strategic platform the industry needs to locate the big ideas and accelerate innovation.

Further information

Clean Sky Joint Undertaking's forum: "Europe, Innovation and Aviation – Are we keeping up?"

21-22 March 2017, Brussels, Belgium, The Hotel, Boulevard de Waterloo 38

The European Union and its citizens are facing major global and internal challenges, with the need to reduce CO2 emissions and noise levels from aircraft being one of them.
Aeronautics is one of Europe’s sector of excellence, built on strong industrial performance, innovative technologies and skilled teams, and enjoying global recognition.
The European Union has a vision for research and innovation that translates into sound policies to develop innovative, green technologies to improve the environment.
In Clean Sky, the private and public sector have joined forces to secure the best results.

To mark the closing of Clean Sky 1, the annual Clean Sky Forum will take place on 21-22 March 2017. The first day will feature a series of keynote speeches by high-level representatives from the industry, European Parliament and the European Commission, all involved in Clean Sky. The second day will focus on the technical platforms of Clean Sky 1, with breakout sessions dedicated to reporting the results and achievements.

Further information

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