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CAMbrella’s Final Conference

29 November 2012, Brussels

The Roadmap for European CAM Research

Estimates suggest that 150 million Europeans use CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) annually but reliable data are scarce. CAM is defined in various and sometimes contradictory ways within Europe and the national legal status of CAM is sometimes unclear. The overall goals of the FP7-funded coordination project CAMbrella are to describe the situation of CAM in the EU and based on this to propose a roadmap for future CAM research.

Participation in this event will be limited and thus by invitation only. Please contact us if you are interested to participate (there is no registration fee).

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1st Conference of Partners of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

6 November 2012, Brussels

The 1st Conference of Partners of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing will be held in Brussels on 6th November 2012. Representatives from European Member States and Regions will be there to support the initiative and illustrate how they will contribute to the Partnership.

At the conference the six Action Groups (stakeholders' coalitions) will present their Action Plans on prevention, integrated care, and active ageing and independent living. The audience can discuss with their representatives what good their action plans will bring to Europe's citizens. What innovation in active and healthy ageing will they deliver and to whom? What will they do to achieve a successful approach for medication adherence, to distribute validated programs for fall prevention and malnutrition, to deploy integrated care models, to achieve standardised independent living solutions, and a network of age friendly environments? The conference marks the moment – after over a year of preparing, committing and planning – where the actual implementation phase of the Innovation Platform actually takes off.

The Conference is an opportunity for networking and cooperation across and between the Action Groups and other stakeholders. Also interested partners who do not yet participate are most welcome. An exhibition, open to all throughout the conference, will display real life examples of the kind of innovation the Innovation Partnership strives for.

Participation to the event is by invitation only, but all can join in the discussions via twitter @EIP_AHA and the hashtag #eipaha12. Of course the event will be streamed (see conference web site).

Should you wish to be invited, please send us your full contact details and reason for participating to and we will consider your application.

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Workshop: Using Research to Inform Medical Practice

5-7 September 2012, Nicosia

This training workshop is intended for researchers, administrators and executives in private or public organizations or academia involved in the design, implementation, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of health research / services in Cyprus, the European Union and neighbouring Mediterranean countries.

It is conducted by the Yale Centre for Analytical Sciences, Yale School of Public Health, and the University of Nicosia.

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East-Meets-West on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Congress and Exhibition

1-4 September 2012, Nicosia

The Congress is organised by the European Office of Cyprus and will explore new tools to bring researchers and enterprises together from all over the world. The Congress will serve as a highlight global event for harnessing the potential of entrepreneurship to transfer innovation ideas into products and services.
The main objective of the conference is to promote cross-national collaboration between East and West as a tool to overcome national limitations on knowledge, financial resources, technology, and services.

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4th International Congress on Cell Membranes and Oxidative Stress Focus on Calcium Signaling and TRP Channels

26-29 June 2012, Isparta, Turkey

Scientific research congress on oxidative stress, calcium signaling, ion channels, cell death mechanisms.

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