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MEP - Researcher pairing scheme

21-24 November 2011, European Parliament, Brussels

The Science and Technology Options Assessment unit of the European Parliament (STOA) is launching the third MEP-Scientist Pairing Scheme.

The scheme aims to support the development of relationships between MEPs and scientists to improve access to scientific advice and deepen scientists’ understanding of the role of science in policy-making.

During a week in Brussels (21-24 November), scientists will shadow their MEP as they go about their parliamentary business, attending committee meetings and meeting officials working in key policy areas such as the environment and energy. MEPs will then spend time with the scientists, visiting their research institution to experience how research is conducted in practice and meet their research colleagues.

This year, the Marie Curie Actions have been invited to participate in this pairing scheme.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) workshop for Marie Curie Fellows

18-19 October 2011, Munich, Germany

Do you have some questions on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)? The Helpline service of the European IPR Helpdesk provides professional advice to your specific IP or IPR query  –  customized, straight-forwardly, comprehensibly and free of charge.

On 18 and 19 October, the European Patent Office and the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission will organise an IPR workshop for Marie Curie Fellows in Munich.

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Increasing Researchers' employability in Europe: Marie Curie Actions' Formula for Successful Careers

3-4 October 2011, Paris, France

The objectives of this workshop, organised by the European Commission and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), is to present and share best practices implemented through the Marie Curie Actions during the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. Speakers' presentations and participants' discussion will contribute to highlight how Member States, research institutions, private companies, team leaders, or individual researchers have made the best use of Marie Curie Actions to increase researchers' employability.

If you want to register to this workshop, please send an e-mail to by 20th of September 2011 at the very latest. The registration is free but considering the limited number of seats will be on a first come first served basis!

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Marie Curie Researchers Symposium: "SCIENCE - Passion, Mission, Responsibilities"

25-27 September 2011, Warsaw

The symposium, which is organised by the upcoming Polish Presidency of the European Union and the European Commission, will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Marie Curie Actions and the 100th anniversary of Maria Skłodowska-Curie’s Nobel Prize in chemistry.  The event will gather politicians, stakeholders and about 300 Marie Curie researchers. The symposium will include poster sessions and a contest of the most innovative ways of promoting science.

In order to stay in touch with Marie Curie fellows, the European Commission will launch a Marie Curie Alumni platform.

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European Respiratory Society Annual Congress 2011

24 September 2011, Amsterdam

The objective the Marie Curie Actions session is to bring together fellows, as well as experts involved in the reviewing procedure of the applications, and to communicate their experience to anyone interested in applying for an ERS Fellowship. In addition this conference intends to provide a valuable networking platform for young individuals who wish to interact with experienced ERS Officers or who wish to share their experiences with other young fellows.

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