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Last update: 21 September 2018

EURATOM Fission Info Day

9 November 2017

Euratom fission info day

Thematic Euratom fission info day  took place on 9 November 2017 in Brussels.

At the meeting the fission part of the Euratom Work Programme 2018 (Call for proposals NFRP 2018) and horizontal issues related to the implementation of the programme were presented.

All presentations are available for download:


HoNESt: Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

21-22 September 2017, Barcelona, Spain

HoNESt is organizing a Stakeholder Engagement Workshop in Barcelona 21-22 September.

This workshop will be focused in discussing the historical research findings on societal relations with nuclear energy in Southern Europe (Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain).

The workshop will involve three components. First, the participants will discuss the historical research findings on societal relations with nuclear energy and nuclear energy's societal engagement.

Second, the participants will discuss some of the mechanisms identified by the social science research that have been used for engaging the public and other stakeholders with nuclear power. And third, HoNESt would very much value the participants involvement in a workshop where we will explore the future of societal engagement in the nuclear industry.

The Workshop will be held at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. It will start on Thursday, 21 September, and end on Friday, 22 September. The working language of the event is English. A part of travel and accommodation expenses is refunded. Places are limited.

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ENERGY in HORIZON 2020: remaining opportunities for 2017 and introduction to the 2018-2020 WP

22 June 2017, Brussels, Belgium

In the framework of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2017 (EUSEW17), C-Energy 2020, the network of the Horizon 2020 Energy NCPs, invites you to the half-day workshop “ENERGY in HORIZON 2020: remaining opportunities for 2017 and introduction to the 2018-2020 Work Programme".

The event is organised in collaboration with: - the NCP_WIDE.NET network, the network of the Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation, - the Enterprise Europe Network and - ERRIN, the European Regions Research & Innovation Network Participants will also be able to PRESENT THEIR PROJECT PROPOSALS or COOPERATION OFFERS.

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The Energy & Materials Research Conference - EMR2017

5-7 April 2017, Lisbon, Portugal

EMR2017 will bring together researchers and professionals from a broad set of science and engineering disciplines with the aim of sharing on the latest developments and advances in materials and processes involved in the energy generation, transmission-distribution and storage.

The connection is clear between research into novel materials and new technological solutions or improvements in materials, and the development of cleaner, cheaper safer and more efficient energy technologies.

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