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Last update: 18 December 2014
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Visit the EU's stand (Number 30) at Ireland's BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition, Dublin

8-10 January 2015, Dublin, Ireland

This year, the EU stand in the World of Science and Technology (Stand number 30 in the Industries Hall) has a special focus on Food Research - so drop in and find out more about what the EU is doing in the area of Food Research - we look forward to meeting you!

Every day there will be interactive areas where you can: • Test your knowledge about food and exercise by taking part in the 'Food4Me Quiz'. You will be surprised at what you learn and could even take home a prize! • Learn how packaging protects our food and how we can protect the environment when we dispose of it in the correct way. 

Fast Track to Innovation Pilot (2015-2016) A Free Interactive Information Event

9 January 2015, Brussels

This is your chance to discover a new exciting opportunity for industry-driven innovation under Horizon 2020.

Participants at this event will:

  • Acquire insight into the objectives of this new scheme
  • Become familiar with the modalities of the Fast Track to Innovation call
  • Get practical tips and tricks on how to apply and how to maximise chances for success when applying
  • Be able to interact throughout the event with EU-officials

Register now via e-mail:

Seats are free of charge and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Maximum two seats per organisation.

The event will be recorded and made available via webstream (link available soon).

Keystone Symposia: Precision Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology

11-15 January 2015, Big Sky, United States

This meeting gathers experts in development and application of synthetic biology and gene engineering fields to share ideas, methods, problems and solutions in a new era of investigational biology.

EU-U.S. Innovation Conference

14-15 January 2015, Brussels, Belgium

The main goal of the BILAT USA 2.0 EU-U.S. Innovation Conference is to highlight existing best practices in Member States and to promote the integration of the innovation aspect in the EU-U.S. S&T Agreement through more innovative and entrepreneurial principles.


Prior to the EU-U.S. innovation conference a BILAT USA 2.0 pre-conference policy workshop 'Towards enhanced EU-U.S. innovation collaboration through policy measures' will discuss EU-U.S. innovation collaboration among policy-makers and highlight especially barriers and challenges experienced by the U.S. research community in order to enhance EU-U.S. RTDI business collaboration. 

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You are here: Events > 2014 >
Last update: 18 December 2014
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25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain: achievements and challenges

5 December 2014, Brussels

Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) of the European Commission commemorated in dignity the historical events that transformed Europe by liberating the nations of East and Central Europe from communist and soviet rule. The event organised by the 'Reflective societies' unit at the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain in Brussels on the 5th of December was a remarkable success with the presence of more than 100 participants and several national media.

The conference presented important insights of social sciences and humanities concerning the transformation process and formulated policy recommendations for deepening the integration of the European Union's Eastern and Western members or with regard to future enlargements. The speakers of the conference, whether contemporary political actors, researchers or representatives of many European institutions (like the European Parliament, European Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions and European Commission) entered into genuine discussion about both the critical interpretation of and the lessons to learn from the quarter-century long transition and enlargement process. They also put in relief remarkable coherence in their approach to the worrying political and military developments in Ukraine and along the Eastern borders of the EU.

Our event gave also place to the launch of the DG RTD review paper "25 Years After the Fall of the Iron Curtain. The state of integration of East and West in the European Union". The publication was presented by its author, professor Péter Balázs, ex-commissioner for regional policy and former Hungarian minister of Foreign Affairs. The publication's final version will be available in paper and electronic format in January 2015.



The Developmentment & Manufacturing of Vaccines Conference 2014

3-4 December 2014, Brussels

Our expert speaker panel will present unpublished case studies against practical recommendations to provide you with opportunities to improve your analytical methods, manufacturing strategies, pre-clinical and clinical model selection and much more!

If you are looking for an event to help you accelerate your current vaccine production efforts whilst providing you with an update on the latest and most innovative platforms and developments in the field then this is the must attend event for your calendar.

Building the bioeconomy – creating impact through communication

2-3 December 2014, Brussels

Research must deliver its promise through a better outreach. CommNet, the network to communicate the bioeconomy, will join researchers from the fields of food, agriculture, biotechnology with policy makers, technology transfer experts and specialists in communication to show and debate the communication challenges.


Best projects will receive Communication Impact Awards. Target audience: researchers, industry, communication officers, policy makers, technology transfer experts, journalists, PR specialists

BioFIT (Fostering Innovation and Transfer)

2-3 December 2014, Lille, France

BioFIT aims at stimulating and facilitating technology transfer and collaborative projects between academic institutions, pharma/biotech industry, together with other practitioners in the Life Sciences field.

BioFIT is an ideally configured event featuring: • Partnering with qualified and pre-screened one-to-one meetings • Conferences to explore hands-on approaches to tech transfer and Open Innovation • Presenting technologies, licensing opportunities

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