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Last update: 18 September 2014

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Industrial Biotechnology in UK and Ireland - Identifying Challenges and Opportunities

19 November 2013, London

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The BIO-TIC consortium wish to invite you to a free one-day workshop discussing issues surrounding the uptake of industrial biotechnology in the UK and Ireland. This is your chance to tell us where the hurdles lie and suggest ways in which they could be addressed. Your input will be crucial in helping us develop an action plan which best addresses the needs of UK and Irish stakeholders in this strategically important area. This workshop is one of a number of regional workshops being held throughout Europe as part of the BIO-TIC FP7 project, which aims to develop an integrated roadmap and action plan for the successful development of industrial biotechnology in Europe.


Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 6th Stakeholders General Assembly

12-13 November 2013, Brussels, Belgium

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Leading speakers from the fuel cell and hydrogen community including European Commissioners and high-level representatives from the EU Member States will meet on the occasion of the 2013 Stakeholder General Assembly of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking.



5-6 November 2013, Brussels

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On November 5 and 6 the Environment Directorate of DG RTD is launching fourteen new research and demonstration projects in the field of Resource Efficiency. More than 40 million euros will support the work of more than 140 researchers and entrepreneurs coming from 19 different European countries.
We are currently at a time of increasing energy prices, carbon constraints and intense competition for resources and markets. In this context, not only does innovation in Resource Efficiency contribute to improving the quality of our environment, but it also generates new jobs and new market opportunities.
Top researchers in the field are identifying new eco-innovative solutions and ideas for a more efficient European economy and a group of forward-looking companies - 4 out of 5 are SMEs - are ready to demonstrate these ideas with pilot projects. This will contribute to increasing resource productivity, by reducing waste and reusing what can be salvaged in the production cycle.
This the second time the Environment Directorate has been organising a joint kick-off meeting for Resource Efficiency projects. Another 18 projects for a total EU’s contribution of more than 61 million euros were launched in October 2012.


ZeroWIN - dissemination of project results

4-6 November 2013, Budapest

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During the Green Electronics workshop on Resource Efficiency in the Electric and Electronics Industry participants will learn about the approach of the FP7 ZeroWIN project and its achieved results over the past 4 years, and have the opportunity to influence the ZeroWIN policy recommendations to the European Commission. Keynote speakers will discuss the challenge facing industry to eliminate waste and become resource efficient.

This workshop is for Industry representatives (small or large) and policymakers with an interest in resource efficiency, reducing waste, CO2 emissions and water use, in particular those working in the following sectors: construction, electronics, automotive or photovoltaic.

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