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Last update: 25 July 2014

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IMPACT ASSESSMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Workshop - Research Findings in Support of Policy Assessment

15 April 2013, Brussels

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Building on the work of some Impact Assessment (IA)-related projects managed within the Environment Directorate of DG Research and Innovation, a workshop is being organized to engage different stakeholders in a discussion on what is available in the landscape of IA, with a focus on its environmental pillar.
The objective of the workshop is to exchange information and knowledge about IA with a view to reinforce the environmental analysis under the overarching umbrella of sustainable development. In particular, the workshop aims at sharing information on tools and methodology for policy impact assessment, bridging the perspective of IA researchers, developers and final users.



First ERC BIOMIM MEETING: At the Frontier between Materials and Biology

10-12 April 2013, Grenoble, France

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This workshop provides an opportunity for researchers and students working in the field of (bio)materials/tissue engineering, physical chemistry, microtechnologies and cell biology to meet and exchange on exciting topics at the interface of materials science, microtechnologies and cell biology. All these aspects are important for designing the new generation of biomaterials and to elaborate platforms for in vitro diagnosis.

Icon Conference 2013: Positive Futures in an Uncertain World

10-12 April 2013, Glasgow

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Icon's second triennial conference will provide a platform for international exchange of up-to-date developments in conservation of cultural heritage. It will also be the essential networking event for conservation and related professionals in the UK for the next five years.

Destination Europe - focus on health research

11 April 2013, Washington DC

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Destination Europe

  • is a forum for leading European research organisations, funders and industry to present the opportunities they offer to researchers and innovators from anywhere in the world
  • showcases Europe's vibrant and exciting research and innovation culture
  • events enable you to learn about opportunities, ask questions, network and discuss with people who have chosen to work in Europe
  • is a joint initiative of the European Union and its Member States.

The Washington DC event on 11 April will focus on opportunities in health research.

Places are limited, so please register by Friday 29 March 2013


Events 133-136 of 156 – Page: