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Last update: 17 July 2014

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ProMine Final Conference with Mineral Marketplace

23-24 April 2013, Levi, Kittilä, Finland

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The major results of FP7 ProMine project (Nano-particle products from new mineral resources in Europe) achieved during 4 years of intensive research and development work will be presented in the conference and in the related Mineral Marketplace. These include developing new methods in extracting nano-materials from mining waste, creation of a fully integrated database of European mineral deposits and mining waste repositories, development of 4D models of mineralized belts and new ecoefficient mineral processing options.

Stimulating Innovation in Plant Genetic Resources: A role for the EIP on Agriculture

23 April 2013, Brussels

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Representing the whole plant breeding innovation chain from fundamental research to crop production and food processing, the European Technology Platform ‘Plants for the Future’ (Plant ETP) is a major stakeholder of the agricultural sector and is committed to stimulating research and innovation in plant genetic resources to the benefit of the grower and final consumer. As the European Commission steps up its plans to implement the EIP for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability, Plant ETP is organising a high profile event on "Stimulating Innovation in Plant Genetic Resources: A role for the EIP for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability".

The objective of the event is three-fold:
i) to highlight the contributions of plant breeding towards increasing innovation in agriculture;
ii) to discuss ways in which the EIP for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability may enhance the uptake of plant breeding innovations on the farm; and
iii) to inform the Plant ETP membership on the EIP instrument and to call for action towards national and regional Rural Development programming authorities to set up innovation funding streams at local level and include plant genetic resources as a key focus area.

Registration is free to any interested stakeholder, but limited seats are available. Sign up today to confirm your place! 



Cleantech Forum Europe 2013 - Re-imagining Cleantech: Unlocking Growth in an Open Innovation World

16-18 April 2013, Bilbao

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The Cleantech Forum Europe is a high-value annual meeting with a global scope, organised by Cleantech Group®, whose focus is on clean technology innovation. The Cleantech Forum Europe promotes contact with the main European leading regions in technological innovation and is oriented towards creating business and investment opportunities among the different international players.

This year, the Cleantech Forum Europe 2013 comes to Bilbao in order to boost business opportunities between local and international actors of clean technologies, and also to strengthen the Basque cleantech ecosystem. Last year, over 120 investors attended, collectively accounting for over $400 million in investment in 60 companies over the previous 12 months.

A European Research Strategy on Intermodal Transport

17-18 April 2013, Las Palmas (Spain)

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The objective of the conference is to contribute to the optimization of research and innovation transport policies by defining a targeted research strategy for intermodality to be implemented in the new programming period 2014-2020.

To this end, the conference devotes special attention to the role of clusters as driver of innovation activities and to the integration of transport into Smart Specialization Strategies of European regions.

The event has been organised in the framework of the Regions of Knowledge FP7 project INTRAREGIO (“Towards an Intermodal Transport Network through innovative research-driven clusters in Regions of organised and competitive knowledge”).

An exhibition space will be also set up for transport and logistics clusters to present their activities and projects. A total of 20 stands will be made available for free and assigned on a first come first served basis upon registration at

Events 129-132 of 156 – Page: