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Last update: 17 April 2014

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Road Infrastructure Innovation Expo

4-6 June 2013, Brussels

Are you an SME currently developing innovative solutions to improve road infrastructure? If so, then come and exhibit your latest research and innovation results free-of-charge at the first Road Infrastructure Innovation Expo to be held in Brussels on 4-6 June 2013 within the scope of the Infravation programme.

We have just launched this call for exhibitors, which will be open until 15 March 2013. All research fields are welcome addressing the theme of “Advanced and Innovative Construction and Maintenance”.

The objective of this Expo is threefold:

  • To raise awareness of Infravation and infrastructure innovation in general;
  • To promote brokerage activities between innovative enterprises and potential Infravation project partners;
  • To contribute to the development of the final call for Infravation proposals.

An exhibition space of up to 6 m² will be provided free of charge for SMEs who submit a successful proposal. Proposals from partner countries of Infravation are particularly encouraged : Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway and the United States of America. All you have to do to apply is complete the application form at and send it to, FEHRL Events Officer, by Friday 15 March 2013.

The Expo will begin with an opening cocktail on the evening of 4 June and be organised in parallel with the FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting (FIRM13) conference (see, which also features the theme of “Advanced and Innovative Construction and Maintenance”.

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CS2Bio'13: 4th International Workshop on Interactions between Computer Science and Biology

6 June 2013, Florence, Italy

Systems Biology is a stimulating field of application for computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists and a promising resource for biologists. The aim of this workshop is to gather researchers in formal, mathematical, probabilistic and computational methods that are interested in the convergence of Computer Science, Computational Science and Life Sciences.


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FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting 2013 (FIRM13)

4-6 June 2013, Brussels

With the theme of "Advanced and Innovative Construction and Maintenance", FIRM13 will feature sessions on infrastructure innovation, implementation and maintenance, including adaptation to climate change, knowledge transfer and asset management. The programme will also include sessions with innovation funding agencies and others, as well as a workshop on barriers to market uptake.

This key event, which is free of charge and in English, will gather more than 250 transport infrastructure innovation and research experts, including European and national policy makers, leading industry, standardisation agencies, SME's and the media. 

Contact Isabelle Lucchini, Events Officer, at with any questions about FIRM13 and we look forward to seeing you there!

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LOGINN 1st International Workshop on Innovation in Logistics

5 June 2013, Munich, Germany

The logistics innovation workshop will examine which are the real obstacles for investment and innovation for shippers and other players in the SC and how social media can lower those barriers. In particular, this event will address the role and impact on logistics innovation of social media and open innovation approaches.

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