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Last update: 18 December 2014
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ESOF 2014 call for proposals for the Science-2-Business and Career Programmes

11 August 2013, Copenhagen

The ESOF 2014 calls for proposals for the Science-2-Business Programme and the Career Programme are now open. The Science-2-Business Programme will include sessions on innovation, entrepreneurship and business development. The Career Programme will deal with career issues for researchers at all stages. Both calls will close on August 11, 2013.

Dublin's Festival of Curiosity

25-28 July 2013, Dublin

Dublin’s annual festival of science & culture with FREE events for families to take place from 25 – 28 July 2013. 2012 saw a unique year long celebration of science in Dublin as over 600, 000 people took part in Dublin City of Science 2012 celebrations. Although that year may be over a brand new Festival has evolved from the energy and excitement it generated.

The Festival of Curiosity, Dublin’s annual Festival of Science and Culture, will take place for the very first time this year from 25-28 July. The Festival will provide new opportunities for adults, families and children to come together and experience a hands on adventure in science, play and curious technology. The Festival will transform Dublin’s City Centre into a fun filled curiosity hub for four days in July, with free day-time events for families & children, accompanied by an evening programme of interactive science debates, discussions and shows that will intrigue and challenge the most curious of minds.


22-26 July 2013, Santander (Spain)

This Summer School is devoted to neurodegenerative diseases and spinal cord trauma, their pathogenesis and to the actual development of drugs and strategies for neuroreparation and neuroprotection of the damaged brain. Expert scientists from the EU and the USA will deliver their lectures in the frontier of knowledge. Also young PhD or postdoctoral students attending the School will present their experimental own results.

Fellowships for young investigators are available in UIMP's web as well as from Teófilo Hernando's Foundation (Please see



International Workshop on Organic Matter Spectroscopy 2013 (WOMS 2013)

16-19 July 2013, La Garde, France

WOMS 2013 invites new contributions about the characterization of DOM in marine and inland waters using spectroscopic techniques, particularly fluorescence spectroscopy, coupled with advanced signal and image processing tools, among which improved data analysis, detection, clustering, separation, reconstruction, tracking and real-time monitoring.

The purpose of WOMS 2013 is to present new and effective approaches in the area of fluorescence spectroscopy for the analysis of environmental data. It is also to be a meeting place for both the signal processing community and the environmental organic matter community in order to strengthen their dialogue and interaction towards a mutual scientific topic.

Events 89-92 of 156 – Page: