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Last update: 18 December 2014
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5th Annual Workshop "The Output of R&D activities: Harnessing the Power of Patents Data"

19-20 September 2013, Seville, Spain

The 5th Annual International Workshop on Harnessing the Power of Patents Data will cover the relation between patents (and other Intellectual Property Rights) and Research & Development and Innovation (RDI) and the factors affecting such relations. Based on the abstracts received from the Open Call for Papers, it will focus on the institutional aspects of patent systems, the methodological aspects of collecting and analysing data and the research outputs of patent analysis.



Best Practice on Co-modality and Green Logistics (BESTFACT)

19-20 September 2013, Vienna, Austria

What is the role of Austria in European Green Corridor development? What new concepts and solutions are given on Co-Modality? How to get logistics greener in an economically feasible way? Current trends, innovations and highly recognized industrial solutions will be presented and discussed during the two day workshop in Vienna. The BESTFACT workshop is free of charge and provides the possibility to meet and discuss with key stakeholders from policy, shipping and transport industry, as well as researchers on how to enhance a greener and Co-Modal transport system.

Industrial Biotechnology in Poland. Identifying Hurdles and Opportunities

19 September 2013, Łódź, Poland

The BIO-TIC consortium wish to invite you to a free one-day workshop discussing issues surrounding the uptake of industrial biotechnology in Poland.For Poland to grow and develop its industrial biotechnology base, it will be vital to access EU funding for research and innovation activities. This is your chance to tell us where the hurdles lie and suggest ways in which they could be addressed. Your input will be crucial in helping us develop an action plan which best addresses the needs of Polish stakeholders in this strategically important area. This workshop is one of a number of regional workshops being held throughout Europe as part of the BIO-TIC FP7 project, which aims to develop an integrated roadmap and action plan for the successful development of industrial biotechnology in Europe. Register at or contact Claire Gray at


4th Sustainable 2Wheels event

18 September 2013, Brussels, European Parliament Esplanade

This event is a key part of European Mobility Week and will this year feature even more bikes and other two-wheelers for you to try out for yourself, with experts on hand to provide advice on all the equipment on show.
Sustainable 2Wheels will once again be attended by senior policymakers and stakeholders and will feature interactive discussions around key policy areas such as the 7th Environmental Action Plan and European Urban Mobility Policy.


Events 77-80 of 156 – Page: