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Outcome of the referendum in the United Kingdom

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Last update: 27 July 2016
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4th International Congress on Cell Membranes and Oxidative Stress Focus on Calcium Signaling and TRP Channels

26-29 June 2012, Isparta, Turkey

Scientific research congress on oxidative stress, calcium signaling, ion channels, cell death mechanisms.

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Challenges and opportunities under Research and Innovation and Mobility schemes in the Fields of Pharmaceutical and Medical Biotechnologies

20 June 2012, Brussels

ENEA in collaboration with CLORA, CNR, KOWI, UNICA and the Santander Group of European Universities network is organizing a one-day information and networking event for researchers to get acquainted with future funding opportunities in the area of pharmaceutical and medical biotechnologies as well as to explore research needs in the specific sector. Moreover there will be time to debate and share experiences and foster cooperation with other institutions.
The aim is to facilitate and get researchers familiar with the various financial opportunities available at European and International level and help them to identify the most appropriate funding instruments where they could apply within their research field.

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5th Familial Cancer Conference

7-8 June 2012, CNIO Auditorium - Madrid, Spain

• To update recent advances in familial cancer
• To better define the genetic profile of these cancers and the clinical management of families and  patients.
• To analyze the impact of the new technologies and their contribution to  familial cancer risk.
• General concepts in familial cancer: genetic variants, variants of  unknown significance; modifier   factors; genetic counseling
• Common cancers: breast cancer and the family of breast cancer genes; selection criteria and   clinical management; new treatments; colorectal cancer and prostate cancer; genetic and clinical management.
• Other hereditary syndromes: Familial pheocromocitoma; pancreatic cancer;  Birt-Hogg-Dube   syndrome; familial melanoma.
• Rare tumors: Fanconi anemia; Dysqueratosis congenital; genetic syndromes of  the RAS/MAP pathway; li Fraumeni syndrome.
• New technologies applied to familial cancer studies: Integrative genomic  analysis; cancer   genome and personalized medicine; whole exome sequencing in the search of high  susceptibility genes.

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Potential Use of Biomarkers of Inflammation and Early Immunological Events to Assess Vaccine Safety

10-11 May 2012, Baltimore

This meeting will bring together experts from the biological industry, academia and regulatory agencies to review the possibility of introducing new selected biomarkers in the assessment of vaccine safety at pre-clinical and early clinical stages (inflammation and early immunological events).

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