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Last update: 8 July 2014

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Greener Aeronautics International Networking (GRAIN)

26-28 March 2012, Beijing, China

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The Chinese aviation industry has seen two digit growth rates in the past 30 years and this will remain increasing, making environmentally friendly air transportation and advanced technology for greener aircraft development all the more important.

The main objective of this workshop is to identify key technology areas for greening that have the potential for 'win-win' co-operation between Europe and China.

The workshop will be of interest to engineers and researchers involved in areas of greening technologies for aviation as well as for experts, managers and officials interested in aeronautics co-operation between China and Europe.


Airport Security & Behavioural Modelling

19 March 2012, Brussels

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BEMOSA develops a behaviour model that aims to describe how people make security decisions in the face of reality during normal routine and crisis situations. By adopting this model and using a specially developed training package for staff, airport authorities can increase security, reduce false alarms and improve profitability. The workshop will present results to-date, in particular regarding the principles of social networking applied to airport security.


RESTART loving science! - collaboration between aeronautical scientists, teachers and young people

29 February 2012, Brussels, Belgium

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As part of the European project REStARTS, four European Research Establishments in aeronautics have developed a set of educational materials for teachers and students of primary and secondary schools. The tools developed for teachers to use in the classroom are directly related to aspects of research in aeronautics.
This afternoon will be an opportunity to demonstrate the developments resulting from a close collaboration between the world of research and education.


Wake Turbulence in Current Operations and Beyond

28-29 February 2012, Langen, Germany

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The WakeNet3-Europe initiative promotes multidisciplinary exchange between scientific and operational specialists in the field of wake vortex turbulence. It is also working on how to ensure air transport safety with regard to wake vortex encounters despite increasing air traffic density and increasing diversity of the operational aircraft fleet.

After almost four years of intense activities of the WakeNet3-Europe team the 4th Major and Final Workshop “Wake Turbulence in Current Operations and Beyond” will be used to discuss recent achievements and remaining research needs in the field of wake turbulence. 



Events 13-16 of 18 – Page: