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Last update: 25 July 2014

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MODSafe Final Conference

25-26 June 2012, Cologne, Germany

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The MODSafe objective was to help streamline and bring some degree of voluntary standardisation within this sector by building a Safety Analysis and Model Reference (and tackling Process and Security issues) for future Urban Guided Transport projects. This project with a €5.18 million budget brought together 22 partners including UITP and TÜV Rheinland, who are organising the conference.


Rail Freight Without Borders - RETRACK final conference

11-12 June 2012, Budapest, Hungary

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The RETRACK project is has designed, developmed and implementated a commercial trans-European rail freight service along the rail corridor between Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Hungary. It demonstrates that pan European continental rail freight can be competitive, reliable and value for money.

This event will present the project’s findings and successes, covering rail freight operations, policy, infrastructure, new concepts, longer remote controlled freight trains, shorter faster trains, refrigerated goods, synergistic hub planning and the opportunities to ship by rail through Europe-Asia to China by Siberia and TRACECA. The Conference will also feature contributions from other associated RailFreight Projects such as SUSTRAIL; D-Rail; Twin Hub; Marathon and SPECTRUM. Hosted in the historic city of Budapest, at the Hungarian Railway Museum, it will appeal to policy makers, operators, researchers, infrastructure managers and potential customers of future rail freight.


29-30 May 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

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The EWENT project dealt with extreme Weather impacts on European networks of transport. At this final conference the EWENT researchers and researchers of related projects will present their findings on:
1. What are the extreme weather phenomena that are most harmful to transport system and what and where are the biggest impacts?
2. How these phenomena are going to change in pace with expected climate change?
3. What are the total costs induced to transport system by extreme weather?
4. What European parts – geographically, mode-wise – are most vulnerable to extreme weather?
5. How can we prepare ourselves, what are the means and the tools?



eFreight 2012 Conference

9-10 May 2012, Delft, the Netherlands

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e-Freight denotes the vision for a paper-free, electronic flow of information associating the physical flow of goods with a paperless trail built by Information and Communication Technologies. It includes the ability to track and trace freight along its journey, across transport modes, and to automate the exchange of cargo-related data for regulatory or commercial purposes.

The 2012 e-Freight conference will be organised by EC funded projects, all studying and creating solutions for the e-Freight areas of information exchange in planning, monitoring, invoicing, compliance and reporting for secure mulitmodal freight transport. These projects will also present themselves and their results at the conference.

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