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Carlos Moedas

Live broadcast of EP hearing for Commissioner-designate, Carlos Moedas,
today, 30 September (from 9.00 am)

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Last update: 26 September 2014

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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

26-27 September 2012, Warsaw

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This two day event is a unique networking opportunity to build quality partnerships for participating in the new ICT Work Programme for 2013. Presentations of project ideas, first-hand information from European Commission officials, guidance on how to submit a successful proposal and much more will be provided during the event. The on-line networking features available on the event's website allow participants to leave comments, submit or browse presentations, find out about project ideas and start networking with other potential proposers in advance of the event.

Second European (Clustering) Workshop on Cultural Heritage Preservation (EWCHP)

24-26 September 2012, Oslo/Kjeller, NILU, Norway

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The 2nd European Workshop on Cultural Heritage Preservation (EWCHP) is a European Cluster Workshop on research and development activities in the field of cultural heritage and its preservation for future generations.

Launch of the European Transport Research Alliance

20 September 2012, Brussels

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The DETRA project examined the current status and structure of transport research in Europe, resulting now in the launch of the Surface Transport ERA.

Workshop on Flying Test Beds for Novel Aircraft Configurations

18 September 2012, Brussels

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For meeting the ambitious goals of Europe's Vision for Aviation 'Flightpath 2050' novel aircraft configurations and advanced technologies need to be investigated. This workshop will explore the potential of flying test beds for developing technologies particularly for novel configurations. It aims to assess the capabilities of flying test beds as necessary tools to design and validate innovative aircraft configurations complementary to computational methods, simulation and ground based experiments.


Events 29-32 of 116 – Page: