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Last update: 18 September 2014

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Standards in rail: INESS final conference

3 February 2012, Paris, France

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The INESS research project contributes to harmonise the functions, architectures, interfaces and connections of interlocking systems of rail. This supports the development of a new generation of interlocking systems with optimal unified conception and interfaces towards adjacent systems. The results - that are expected to foster the rollout of a European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) - will be presented at this conference to an audience of: railway signalling and procurement professionals, IMs, industry executives, transport ministries, and European standardisation bodies and authorities.

ERA Conference 2012

30 January 2012, Brussels

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The conference is an important milestone in the ongoing preparations of the ERA Framework. In it, the responses to public consultation and their implications will be presented and discussed. The event will provide a platform for prominent stakeholders to testify and discuss further where they see major bottlenecks and help to mobilise a broad consensus and support for the way forward via the ERA Framework.

Destination Europe: Your Research and Innovation Opportunities

20 January 2012, Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA)

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This high-level Conference will showcase Europe's vibrant and attractive science, technology and innovation culture; the excellent funding opportunities Europe provides for career development and the challenging positions in world-class environments offered by European industry and research organisations. When we look at the picture of all the opportunities available, both at national and European level, including the attractive opportunities for women researchers, it is truly impressive.

Presentations by high-level speakers, representing some of the major funding organisations and research intensive industries in Europe, will be illustrated by testimonials from researchers who have taken advantage of the opportunities offered to develop their careers in Europe.

Speakers will include: Maire Geoghegan-Quinn, the EU Commissioner for Research and Innovation; Professor Tim Hunt, Nobel Laureate; Professor Donald Dingwell, Secretary General of the European Research Council and many other inspiring leaders in the field.

The target audience is researchers of all nationalities based in the US, opinion leaders and representatives from leading US universities; multipliers from EU and national networks working in the USA and representatives from the science diplomacy community and the media.
All are welcome. Participation is free but registration is obligatory.

Clean Sky Info Day

20 January 2012, Brussels

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This information day will be dedicated to Clean Sky Call for Proposals 11. It will present the topics covered by this Call, present the evaluation procedures and contractual agreements but above all will provide advice and tips on how to best prepare a winning offer.

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