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Last update: 17 July 2014

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FISH and SHIPS Conference, MARCOM+ and EMAR2RES Final Event

22 March 2012, Brussels

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In its strategic objectives (2005-2009) the Commission recognised that there is a “need for an all-embracing maritime policy aimed at developing a thriving maritime economy, in an environmentally sustainable manner. Such a policy should be supported by excellence in marine scientific research, technology and innovation."

The European research networks dealing with the marine and maritime research sectors transport and maritime industries, tourism, coastal development, security, living resources, fisheries and aquaculture have joined forces to take further steps in integrating their scientific activities. This workshop presents their progress, including several case studies for marine and maritime research cooperation.


Airport Security & Behavioural Modelling

19 March 2012, Brussels

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BEMOSA develops a behaviour model that aims to describe how people make security decisions in the face of reality during normal routine and crisis situations. By adopting this model and using a specially developed training package for staff, airport authorities can increase security, reduce false alarms and improve profitability. The workshop will present results to-date, in particular regarding the principles of social networking applied to airport security.


6th World Water Forum

12-17 March 2012, Marseille, France

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Every three years since 1997, the World Water Forum mobilises creativity, innovation, competence and know-how in favour of water. It gathers all stakeholders around today’s local, regional and global issues that cannot be undertaken without all stakeholders into a common framework of goals and concrete targets to reach.

The goal of the 6th World Water Forum is to tackle the challenges our world is facing and to bring water high on all political agendas. There will be no sustainable development while the water issues remain unsolved. Everywhere on the planet, for all and everyone, the Right to Water (recognised by 189 states at the UN one year ago) must be guaranteed and implemented.

Isogeometric Analysis and Applications and final consortium meeting of EXCITING

12-16 March 2012, Linz, Austria

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A five-day workshop on simulation tools for fluid flows using Isometric Analysis (includes a review of the EXCITING project which considers applications in the maritime, rail and road sectors).

Topics will cover:

- Numerical simulation using Isogeometric Analysis,
- Spline spaces providing local adaptivity
- Fast Solvers for IGA schemes
- Numerical Analysis of the IGA approach
- Design optimization
- Applications such as Fluid/Structure interaction
- Geometric Modelling for Isogeometric Analysis

Events 101-104 of 116 – Page: