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Last update: 29 August 2014

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Planet Under Pressure

25-29 March 2012, London, UK

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Based on the latest scientific evidence, the London Planet Under Pressure conference will provide a comprehensive update of our knowledge of the Earth system and the pressure our planet is now under. The London conference will focus the scientific community’s and the wider world’s attention on climate, ecological degradation, human well-being, planetary thresholds, food security, energy, governance across scales and poverty alleviation.

The conference will discuss solutions, at all scales, to move societies on to a sustainable pathway. It will provide scientific leadership towards the 2012 UN Rio +20 conference.

A lunch-time side session on "Horizon2020", the EU's future instrument for research and innovation support, will take place on 27 March.

Please consult the Conference Website for more information on the programme and registration.

Greener Aeronautics International Networking (GRAIN)

26-28 March 2012, Beijing, China

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The Chinese aviation industry has seen two digit growth rates in the past 30 years and this will remain increasing, making environmentally friendly air transportation and advanced technology for greener aircraft development all the more important.

The main objective of this workshop is to identify key technology areas for greening that have the potential for 'win-win' co-operation between Europe and China.

The workshop will be of interest to engineers and researchers involved in areas of greening technologies for aviation as well as for experts, managers and officials interested in aeronautics co-operation between China and Europe.


Bioeconomy in Action - Boosting bioeconomical growth in Europe in a smart and sustainable way

26-28 March 2012, Copenhagen

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Bioeconomy in Action will be the major event to discuss the Commission strategy “A Bioeconomy for Europe” which was adopted in February 2012. The aim of the bioeconomy strategy is to create a more favourable environment and coherent policy framework for developing the bioeconomy in Europe.

The conference has been organised under the aegis of the Danish Presidency of the EU.

For more info, detailed programme and to register:

6th International Conference I-ESA on Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications

20-23 March 2012, Valencia

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The purpose of the conference is to provide:

  • an overview of the latest research work in Enterprise Interoperability (EI) and associated domains;
  • an opportunity for researchers, IT experts, policy-makers in the EI, ESA, FI domains to network with other researchers from public or private sector, IT users and providers, and to encourage exchange of best practice and the formation of collaborations in preparation for research projects.

Events 97-100 of 116 – Page: