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Last update: 29 August 2014

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Week of Innovative Regions in Europe 2012 (WIRE2012)

4-5 June 2012, Krakow, Poland

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The conference will focus on smart regional development based on knowledge and innovation. WIRE2012 will address main current issues related to the effective implementation of the Innovation Union at regional level for the next period 2014-2020, through three main thematic pillars:

  • Innovative regions in the Horizon 2020 will investigate the role of regions in smart specialisation, the role of cities as innovation hubs, and regional innovation ecosystems within Horizon 2020;
  • Stairway to Excellence will focus on the future of research and innovation at the regional level, on synergies between Horizon 2020 and the Cohesion Policy, and on smart specialisation in convergence regions and Centres of Excellence;
  • Networking for ERA at Regional Level will discuss the European Territorial Cooperation, networks of clusters, European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation, networks of research infrastructure and Multiregional Knowledge Partnerships (e.g. Danube, Baltic)

Participation in the Conference is free of charge, but pre-registration is required.


5 June 2012, Brussels

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The Team of the SET-Plan European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI) is organising a first conference open to all stakeholders and interested parties. The aim of this conference is to provide key decision makers, financing institutions, media and the general public with a better and more in-depth understanding of both the urgency and benefits to fully implement the EIBI roadmap and to invest in the EIBI projects.


The EIBI Conference was broadcasted via web streaming. You can watch the video from the following webpage:

The Indo-European Research and Innovation Partnership

30 May - 1 June 2012, Brussels

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Following the Joint Declaration signed at the last EU-India Summit in February 2012, the European Commission DG Research and Innovation, the EU Member States Strategic Forum for International S&T Cooperation (SFIC) and the Indian Department of Science & Technology are pleased to announce that the Indo-European Research and Innovation Partnership Conference will take place on 31 May and 1 June 2012 in Brussels.

16th International Forum Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications (AMAA 2012) - Smart Systems for Safe, Sustainable, and Networked Vehicles

30-31 May 2012, Harnack House, Berlin, Germany

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ICT, components and smart systems have been essential for a multitude of recent innovations in road mobility. They are expected to be key enabling technologies for changes ahead, both inside the vehicle and at its interfaces for the communication of data and energy (i.e. fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and zero accidents).

It has been the objective of the International Forum on Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications (AMAA) for more than fifteen years to detect novel trends and to discuss the technological implications and innovation potential from day one on. In 2012, the topic of the AMAA conference will be “Smart Systems for Safe, Sustainable and Networked Vehicles”.

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