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Last update: 18 September 2014

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Decoding the Complexity of Chemical Reactions - Summer School

25-29 June 2012, Ghent University

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Why and how are the reaction mechanisms involved in a chemical reaction decoded?
This course is open to interested (junior) scientists from industry or from academia with a background in chemistry, physics and chemical engineering.

Advanced flight simulator: SUPRA final event

27 June 2012, Soesterberg, the Netherlands

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Loss of control in flight (LOC-I) is the leading cause of fatal accidents in commercial aviation today. In the course of loss of control events, the aircraft often enters into unusual attitudes or stalls, also called upsets. However, due to a lack of validated aircraft models outside the normal operating envelope, current flight simulators do not adequately represent aircraft behavior at the edge of the envelope.

The European FP-7 project SUPRA – Simulation of Upset Recovery in Aviation – has addressed this gap and will present the overall results of the project to various stakeholders and to discuss their usefulness for commercial pilot training.



SAVE ME Project - 2nd International Workshop on Transport Safety and Security

27 June 2012, Gateshead Quayside, United Kingdom

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SAVE ME aims to develop a system that detects disaster events in public transport terminals/vehicles and critical infrastructures (i.e. tunnels and bridges) and supports quick and optimal mass evacuation guidance, to save lives, giving particular emphasis to the most vulnerable travellers.This workshop is intended to disseminate the key findings from the EU FP7 SAVE ME project and provide an open environment for a wider discussion about the major safety and security issues facing transportation today.

RailBE2012 Brokerage Event – financing opportunities for rail transport research in Europe

26-27 June 2012, Warsaw, Poland

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The Polish National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU and the European Commission are hoping to foster collaboration between partners across Europe for the final round of the European Commission's FP7 research calls.

During this brokerage event, in addition to presentations by the European Commission and the European Rail Research Advisory Council (see the programme on the event's website), participants will be able to:
- learn about the project proposals prepared by ERRAC members for the sixth transport call;
- present their project ideas and a profile of their institution;
- discuss their ideas with experts from ERRAC and the European Commission and potential partners identified during the event;
- establish new B2B contacts with partners from Europe.

A dedicated session will present national policies for financing rail transport research, industrial and R&D potential in the EU-12 countries.

Events 53-56 of 116 – Page: