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Last update: 29 August 2014

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OCMOL - Colloquium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

10-11 October 2011, Garching

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The colloquium, subtitled "How to convert methane into desired chemicals and fuels?" brings together a selection of excellent speakers from academia and industry with a particular expertise in the exploitation of methane resources.

3rd European Innovation Summit - Warsaw Part

10-11 October 2011, Warsaw

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The 3rd European Innovation Summit aims to bring the relevant parties together to obtain greater cohesion within the European research and innovation system while preserving the freedom of EU regions and Member States to act independently.

The participation is free of charge but registration is required.

Concord 2011: The dynamics of Europe's industrial structure and the growth of innovative firms

6 October 2011, Seville

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The European Commission's Conferences on Corporate R&D aim to link science and policy making by being structured around policy relevant questions, thus addressing the community of researchers, practitioners, industrialists, and policy makers.

Increasing Researchers' employability in Europe: Marie Curie Actions' Formula for Successful Careers

3-4 October 2011, Paris, France

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The objectives of this workshop, organised by the European Commission and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), is to present and share best practices implemented through the Marie Curie Actions during the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. Speakers' presentations and participants' discussion will contribute to highlight how Member States, research institutions, private companies, team leaders, or individual researchers have made the best use of Marie Curie Actions to increase researchers' employability.

If you want to register to this workshop, please send an e-mail to by 20th of September 2011 at the very latest. The registration is free but considering the limited number of seats will be on a first come first served basis!


Events 29-32 of 91 – Page: