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Ebola virus

New: EU research on Ebola

To address the urgent need, the EU is boosting its investment in Ebola research via an exceptional procedure – supporting the most advanced vaccine and treatment candidates

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Researchers' Night 2011

23 September 2011, 320 European cities in 32 countries

The Researchers' Night is an event bringing together the public at large and researchers. It occurs annually on the fourth Friday of September all over Europe. Its main objective is to reveal scientists and science in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The Researchers' Night offers the opportunity to discover research facilities that are usually not open to public (laboratories, research centres, museum collections, ...), use the most recent technologies and instruments with the guidance of scientists, participate in experiments, competitions and quizzes, watch demonstrations and simulations, exchange ideas and party with the researchers.

Profane citizenship in Europe – Testing democratic ownership in hybrid situations

19-21 September 2011, Lyon

The symposium will address new forms of citizenship that are experimented with by people living in hybrid situations - i.e. not strictly within the norm - and that modify the outlines of juridical citizenship. Those forms of citizenship imply practical activities connected with existing schemes or milieus: what is at stake is the continuous invention of the democratic principle itself, i.e. the "right to have rights". Such practices assert and express a "right to the city" that is not immediately granted, featuring what the researchers call profane citizenship and also standing as a tool to analyse democratic ownership.

IV International Conference on Environmental, Industrial and Applied Microbiology (BioMicroWorld2011)

14-16 September 2011, Torremolinos-Malaga (Spain)

The BioMicroWorld conference series is a reference in the microbiology field where active researchers involved in environmental, industrial and applied microbiology communicate current research priorities and progress in the field, and identify new approaches and research opportunities.

Marie Curie Actions at the EAIE Copenhagen international education fair

13-16 September 2011, Copenhagen

From 13 to 16 September, the FP7 Marie Curie Actions will be participating at the EAIE Copenhagen international education fair. The Marie Curie Actions are organising two plenary conference sessions with a speakers' panel including Marie Curie Fellows, Coordinators, Supervisors.

The session From student to researcher: The Marie Curie Actions will be chaired by Mr Jordi Curell Gotor, the Director responsible in DG-EAC for the entire Lifelong learning programme, and he will present the future policy dimension of the Programme. The Vice Chair of the Education and Culture Committee of the European Parliament Mr. Morten Lokkegaard (MEP) will be a guest Keynote speaker and participate in the official launch of the newly introduced Marie Curie Action: the European Industrial Doctorates (EID). In the second session, Mobility of researchers in Europe: An endeavour for all, Marie Curie Fellows will share their experience and present their projects, excellent results and lessons learned.

In addition, our Programme will be actively involved at the Exhibition stand of the EU "Youth on the move" (stand No 118) to respond the questions by visitors and give outreach presentations on the Marie Curie Actions.

Events 37-40 of 91 – Page: