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Advanced European bioethics course 'Human Genomics and Medical Technology'

18-21 March 2013, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

During the course, the relation between technology and (medical) ethics will be studied. Focus of the course are the moral problems generated by the research and development and application of new knowledge in a range of emerging fields such as tissue engineering and genomics. The implications give rise to new images of the human being and shift common understanding of health and disease.

Topics are, amongst others, research ethics, screening and testing from clinical perspective, Health Technology Assessment and storage and analysis of (genetic) data and social aspects and effects of developments in medical technology.

Lecturers include: prof. Evert van Leeuwen, Elisa Garcia Gonzales PhD, Joris Veltman PhD, Gert Jan van der Wilt PhD (invited) Ineke van der Burgt MD, PhD, Lidewij Henneman PhD, Conor Douglas PhD, Martin Boeckhout MA, MSc, Gert Jan van Ommen PhD.

The key-note lecture will be given by Tsjalling Swierstra, Professor of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University. During the lectures participants will be introduced to basic philosophical and ethical concepts. There will be ample time for questions and debate. Small group discussions and group work on assignments are devoted to in-depth discussions and understanding of different cases and particular contemporary issues in the area of human genetics and medical technologies.

Participants are expressly invited to supply cases from their own work and experience for discussion during the course.


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Technology Assessment and Policy Areas of Great Transitions

13-15 March 2013, Prague, Czech Republic

The first PACITA Conference titled „Technology Assessment and Policy Areas of Great Transitions” will be held in Prague (National Technical Library) on 13-15 March 2013.
The conference is open for policy makers, government representatives, researchers, PhD. Students, representatives of NGOs, media, experts dealing with the method of technology assessment and also for the general public. The conference will allow discussion at the plenary session, in parallel sessions or workshops. The workshops will be deal with the following problem areas: healthcare and medicine, energy supply, climate change and mobility in addition to the use of computer technology in all areas of society.

Call for papers is already open.
Please submit your proposal by September 9, 2012 via e-mail to

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Enhancing trust in the sustainability of our food chains

13 March 2013, Brussels

Sustainability with SENSE: - Building harmonised methods for environmental footprint - Validating key environmental indicators to evaluate food product sustainability

Objectives of the Open Day Seminar:

  • To present the initial outcomes of the EU-financed SENSE project
  • To have your feedback and inputs into our work
  • To share your experiences with us for a better harmony


Promoting Africa-EU Research Infrastructure Partnerships

7-8 March 2013, Brussels

This high-level conference will present the outcomes of the PAERIP (Promoting African European Research Infrastructures Partnerships) project, funded under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7. Over the past two years PAERIP undertook an extensive analysis of Africa-EU research infrastructure partnerships, including best practices which could be identified from current cooperation and the formulation of recommendations to enhance collaboration. In this context PAERIP considered cooperation activities such as how to enhance transnational access to research infrastructures for African and European researchers, and the promotion of networks integrating African and European research infrastructures.
The conference is taking place at a crucial time for the development of new cooperation instruments for Africa-EU cooperation including for collaboration in science, technology and innovation. These instruments include, for example, the new EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, the EU Development Cooperation Instrument and the European Development Fund. Within this context, one of the highlights of the conference will be the presentation of PAERIP’s recommendations on how research infrastructure partnerships could best be promoted as part of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy.

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EU Science: Global Challenges, Global Collaboration (ES:GC2)

4-8 March 2013, Brussels

The European Parliament will host a five-day conference on “EU Science: Global Challenges, Global Collaboration” (ES:GC2), starting on March 4th, 2013, in Brussels. The conference will bring together science policymakers, scientists and industry representatives from 100 different countries and will place EU research at the centre of the international response to global challenges. It will be convened by ISC - Intelligence in Science, under the auspices of the Irish Council Presidency, in conjunction with Mr Sean Kelly MEP and other Members of the European Parliament.

The core focus of ES:GC2 will be primarily on Horizon 2020, the EU’s funding instrument for collaborative research and innovation beyond 2014, which seeks to provide both increased funding and enhanced ease of participation compared to its predecessor, FP7. The aim of the conference is to encourage worldwide collaboration in science and to explore how Horizon 2020 can enable an effective scientific response to global challenges. This conference will also provide an environment to build new partnerships with the view to increase international participation in Horizon 2020.

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