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Towards sustainable mobility with OPTIMISM

16 September 2013, Brussels

The OPTIMISM Event is a place to present research results, practical experiences, real-world problems and to communicate and discuss between/beyond disciplines. It has the vision to raise awareness and, in parallel, to actively contribute to the shaping of a consensus among various stakeholders.

This leads to the most effective recommendations on strategies, technologies and methodologies for the integration and optimisation of the transport system for supporting the aim of sustainable mobility. The OPTIMISM Event highlights the scientifically documented insight of the transport system and people travel choices via the study of social behaviour and mobility patterns. It presents the OPTIMISM Consortium’s findings and allows stakeholders to discuss on developing strategies, technologies and methodologies for integrating and optimising transport systems for passengers, -both in urban and metropolitan transport and at regional and long-distance mobility, while determining the optimum balance of “trade-offs”.

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