6th Balkan Energy Finance Forum

Zagreb, Croatia

6th Balkan Energy Finance Forum

16-17 October 2013, Zagreb, Croatia

With growing energy demands and outdated power systems, the Balkan and Southeast European region is in chronic need of energy infrastructure investment. From generation capacity through to energy use, the full supply chain needs to be developed and strengthened.

The region has huge renewable energy potential, including Wind, Solar, Biomass and Hydro, as well as access to favourable fossil-fuel markets. Can this need and potential be matched and realised? Croatia will join the EU in 2013 and Serbia is making clear progress towards accession, so what will this mean for regional energy markets? Will investment be more favourable or will increased legislation have an effect? Following the success of our 2012 event which attracted over 200 attendees from over 25 countries, our 6th Annual Balkan Energy Finance Forum (BEFF 2013) will again unite key players from across the energy industry, both from private and public sectors, tackling key issues facing the development of the energy market. Focus will be paid to national and regional energy policy and the mobilisation and allocation of public and private funds. Although offering an insight into the regional energy market, our 2013 forum will provide a focused analysis of the opportunities in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency projects.

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