GIURI Annual Event 2019 - Horizon Europe - The Way Forward

Brussels, Belgium

GIURI Annual Event 2019 - Horizon Europe - The Way Forward

11 July 2019, Brussels, Belgium

Following the EU political agreement on Horizon Europe - the Research and Innovation Framework Programme 2021-27 - a window of challenges and opportunities opens up to R&I actors, to develop a new strategic vision.
Starting from the main agreed upon legislative elements of Horizon Europe, the 2019 GIURI Annual Event will offer a setting for illustrating and debating on how the European Commission is going to co-design the next Programme through the strategic planning: defining the EU’s Research and Innovation 2021 to 2024 priorities and launching Missions and new R&I partnerships, in line with the agenda of the next European Commission.
The event will address the most relevant European R&I stakeholders that are engaged in the process of outlining and co-designing the new Horizon Europe, heading towards the R&I Days in September.

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