Course 'Decision Aid Approaches for Risk Management'

Stuttgart, Germany

Course 'Decision Aid Approaches for Risk Management'

22-26 April 2013, Stuttgart, Germany

Decision making is a process where multiple factors interact to shape the final outcome. Those factors can be technical, informational, emotional/psychological, cultural. Nevertheless, the limited rationality of economic operators makes the decision exercise more and more difficult in a more and more complex world. Safety management requires short, mid and long term decisions that may highly influence the ability of the organization to cope with its risks.

At the end of the course, students are expected to have basic knowledge about:
- Main descriptive and prescriptive concepts related to decision making in risk management
- A vision of the key decision making moments of risk management frameworks
- A global vision of the tools available to improve the way managers are dealing with decision making.

The registration is free of charge, anyone interested in the topic are welcome on the course. Please note, however, that the course is intended for 20-25 participants. The registrations will be processed on the first-applied-first-served basis.


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