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Challenges in coordinating and governing public services in times of crisis and reform: International lessons and policy recommendations

9 December 2013, Brussels, Belgium

In the COCOPS project (Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future) high-quality European public administration research teams from 11 universities in 10 countries have joined their forces in a common research strategy to assess the impact of New Public Management-style reforms in European countries. COCOPS maps and analyses innovative mechanisms in the public sector to improve social and policy coordination, especially when the public sector is facing the public crisis. The research contributes to the development of future public sector reform strategies by drawing lessons from past experience, exploring trends and studying emerging public sector practices.

COCOPS invites high-level policy makers, and civil servants from European countries and from the EU-level to discuss the current challenges in managing and reforming public organizations in times of crises. During a high level conference the main conclusions and policy recommendations which arise from comparative research in 10 European countries will be discussed. Researchers and high level practitioners will confront their views on current ‘burning’ issues regarding the reform and crisis management in public services.

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