5th Familial Cancer Conference

CNIO Auditorium - Madrid, Spain

5th Familial Cancer Conference

7-8 June 2012, CNIO Auditorium - Madrid, Spain

• To update recent advances in familial cancer
• To better define the genetic profile of these cancers and the clinical management of families and  patients.
• To analyze the impact of the new technologies and their contribution to  familial cancer risk.
• General concepts in familial cancer: genetic variants, variants of  unknown significance; modifier   factors; genetic counseling
• Common cancers: breast cancer and the family of breast cancer genes; selection criteria and   clinical management; new treatments; colorectal cancer and prostate cancer; genetic and clinical management.
• Other hereditary syndromes: Familial pheocromocitoma; pancreatic cancer;  Birt-Hogg-Dube   syndrome; familial melanoma.
• Rare tumors: Fanconi anemia; Dysqueratosis congenital; genetic syndromes of  the RAS/MAP pathway; li Fraumeni syndrome.
• New technologies applied to familial cancer studies: Integrative genomic  analysis; cancer   genome and personalized medicine; whole exome sequencing in the search of high  susceptibility genes.

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