CLINAM 10/2017 Conference and Exhibition

Basel, Switzerland

CLINAM 10/2017 Conference and Exhibition

7-10 May 2017, Basel, Switzerland

This is the 10th Summit of its kind. The CLINAM Foundation sees it appropriate using this Jubilee to present a programme with strong focus on the route of nanomedicine to successful clinical applications in targeted and precision medicine and related fields, to discuss critically common bottlenecks based on the 10-years’ experience of our broad international expert community.

Over the past 9 years, the CLINAM Summit developed to an exquisite worldwide unique event bringing together all stakeholders in Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine. Based on recent groundbreaking achievements, the next meeting in May will focus on • cancer, • immunotherapy, and • the pathway to safe nanomedicines, to enable breakthroughs in successful clinical applications and • seeking a deeper understanding of interactions of medical nanomaterials with living organisms. Plenary sessions will highlight some of the last year’s most interest-charged fields. In addition, three Satellite Meetings are scheduled.

CLINAM will welcome again more than 500 participants from the community of Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine. Last year brought together experts from 39 countries. The CLINAM Foundation has become the service provider for Nanomedicine and the Summit is concerted with activities in many closely related fields to provide the innovative amalgam for the further< development of precision-medicine and clinical nanomedicine to the benefit of patient and humankind. The preliminary programme will be available in January 2017. We all look forward to a fruitful 10th Summit.

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