Flexible and Integrated Energy Systems - A Smart Opportunity

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Flexible and Integrated Energy Systems - A Smart Opportunity

30 March 2017, Cardiff, United Kingdom

This afternoon workshop at the Welsh Horizon 2020 Annual Event will focus on R&I in relation to smart energy systems.

You will hear about the excellent research being undertaken in Wales through the FLEXIS and SPECIFIC programmes, both funded by the European Regional Development Fund, as well as the wider U.K. and E.U. context.

The advantages of international cooperation will be explored using examples of Horizon 2020 projects. Finally, the impact of research on real world problems and economic opportunities will be demonstrated through the examples of the Tata steel site in Port Talbot and a Bridgend Council's Heat Network preparations.

Attendees are also welcome to register for the general Horizon 2020 event in the morning, which includes a keynote speech by Deputy Director General Patrick Child.

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