European Month of the Brain

Across Europe

European Month of the Brain

1-31 May 2013, Across Europe

Understanding the human brain and its diseases is one of the greatest scientific and philosophical challenges. During the last few decades, brain research has made great progress on all fronts but much more is still to be discovered.

Advances in neuroscience are crucial to keep our ageing societies and our economy healthy. Some 165 million Europeans are likely to experience some form of brain disorder each year – from anxiety to depression to dementia – and treating these disorders now costs some €800 billion in Europe every year.

The European Month of the Brain is packed with activities to make a difference. There are more than 50 events in 19 countries:

  • to increase our awareness of the importance of brain research and healthcare matters
  • to showcase EU achievements
  • to outline foresight research and policy
  • to improve the resource allocation for brain research and healthcare within and between EU member states and associated countries
  • to lift taboos around mental health


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