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Final Project Workshop ‘ACEM-Rail: Towards a More Efficient and Sustainable Railway Maintenance’

30 September 2013, Frankfurt, Germany

ACEM-Rail is a FP7 project for Automated and Cost Effective Maintenance for RAILway. This workshop is organised by ACEM-Rail consortium into the European Transport Conference (ETC2013). The main objective of the ACEM-Rail workshop is to present the final results achieved in ACEM-Rail project and to serve as a discussion forum for researchers and professionals who are interested in the railway maintenance field.
The ACEM-Rail special session will take place on Monday, September 30, divided into two sessions:
- Session 1: ACEM-Rail Instrumentation (10:30-12:30)
- Session 2: ACEM-Rail Infrastructure Management System (13:30-15:30)

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