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MAAT Workshop “Cruiser/feeder airship and innovative propulsion for greening the future EU transport”

26 April 2013, AERO Friedrichshafen (Germany)

The workshop will debate topics related to airship advanced research:

(1) Paving the way for future solar powered airships, (2)The MAAT Airship Sustainable Energy System, (3) Cabins, Cargos, and Transfer systems:docking in the Stratosphere, (4)MAAT control system, (5) Hydrogen in MAAT Project:Safety Measures, (6) Computer modeling and optimization methods in green air transport development (7) ACHEON  - thrust vectoring green propulsion system, (8) CROP - Cycloidal Rotors for propulsion of future air (9) The Future of Air Transport –  European Vision

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